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    Keeper of too Much DDR2
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    Tech, chess, schoolastic bowl, getting Linux to not be stupid
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    School and Homework


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    Core i5 7400 @ 3ghz.
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    B250m boozoka.
  • RAM
    2x8gb 2800mhz ddr4, running at 2400mhz due to BIOS resrictions.
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    Rx480 4gb xfx refrence PCB/Cooler
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    Fractyl Design Meshify C light TG
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    1TB WD HDD, 500gb WD HDD, 128gb Samgsung 470, and MX500 500gb (boot)
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    Thermaltake 80+ smart 600w
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    Visio 768p TV, HP W2371d
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    Soon to be Hyper 212, soon to be black
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    Redragon K552 rainbow with reds
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    Redragon M502
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    Run Mus K2 pro red
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    Windows 10 pro
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    EOL HP Chromebook 14-SMB (using a custom UEFI and brunch)
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    iPhone 8
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  1. either two monitors (like others suggested) or splitters (as many usb female to dual usb male as needed)
  2. Damn it.

    DAMN IT!

    DAMN IT!


    I just watched that terrible 1990s mortal Kombat movie, and while it was terrible, I have that song (you know the one) stuck iN my head.



    That's gonna be stuck there for a bit. 

  3. The resolution is just how tall it is. If it's 1080 pixels tall, then it's 1080p. The aspect ratio is the ratio of pixels from top:side. So 1080p 16:9, you divide 1080 by 9, then multiply by 16, that's 1920. So 16:9 1080p is 1920x1080. Pixels are not a set size. They can be giant, or tiny.
  4. That's only sometimes though. For example it's "iPhone 12" not "the iPhone 12", or "welcome to iPhone" not "welcome to the iPhone"
  5. Actually it's pretty common for statistics trackers to be built into things. For example gs.statcounter.com is built into a lot of websites. Though if one of these companies had a vulnerability in a update, a good chunk of the internet could be vunreable to attack.
  6. Just use win10. Windows 7 is a liability these days, and any drivermod to windows has the caveat of almost definitely causing issues. Win10 is the most stable is that I've ever used, and though it baby's you, it also still has control panel, so you don't have to deal with the settings page on win10, which is a waste of time at this point.
  7. And I'd assume that's stays the same with a settings uptick? That's usually the case with a bottleneck. Bassically as long and you get your refresh rate at the settings you want at your resolution, bottleneck or none, it doesn't matter.
  8. Though sometimes people mean bandwidth. Really the problem is "effective bandwidth" witch is much better described as throughput.
  9. Ha! Good luck getting a house that's not a gt710 in a 80$ budget right now. Just use the igpu. It's definitely going to be better than a 80$ gpu.
  10. Are you getting 144fps? Most things will bottleneck a 2080 at 1080p
  11. Yeah. Aios don't buy used. But anything solid state (ssd, ram, things like that) and silicon (gpus and CPUs) are great used buys.
  12. Wow. That's.... new. Usually usb3 has come out too easily, bent pins, and all sorts of crap, but never broken off the connector. I'd just buy a cheep connector. It would be easier. For the motherbord, you should try using neadle nose pliers on the blue thing, and the a normal pair on the motherboard side. Use the normal pliers to hold down the motherboard side and pull up on the blue thing.
  13. That's pretty good advice actually. I've seen drives used in data centers/nas/server applications for good deals on Craig's list and fb marketplace, and great deals on memory there. And gpus are fine to go used on. Just expect to spend 10ish bucks on a set of pads and tim for them after you buy it.