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    Tech, schoolastic bowl, getting Linux to not be stupid
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    Core i5 7400 @ 3ghz.
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    B250m boozoka.
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    2x8gb 2800mhz ddr4, running at 2400mhz due to BIOS resrictions.
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    Rx480 4gb xfx refrence PCB/Cooler
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    Fractyl Design Meshify C light TG
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    1TB WD HDD, 500gb WD HDD, 128gb Samgsung 470, and MX500 500gb (boot)
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    Thermaltake 80+ smart 600w
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    Visio 768p TV, HP W2371d
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    Soon to be Hyper 212, soon to be black
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    Redragon K552 rainbow with reds
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    Redragon M502
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    Run Mus K2 pro red
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    Windows 10 pro
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    EOL HP Chromebook 14-SMB (using a custom UEFI and brunch)
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    iPhone 8
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  1. I may be wrong, but i think thetransparancy mode bassically makes it so you you could hear likeyou didnt have earbuds in, bassically piping in all the sound
  2. For the other, ill upgrade once I get a new system
  3. I recently got a Razar Black Mamba wireless and a Huntsman Mini (purple switch) for 60$ off of facebook marketplace. I dont know what that person was thinking, but I got like 150$ worth of peripherals for 60$ so Im not complaining. I don't think ill do a mouse review (that mouse is worse for fitting my hand than my Redragon mouse lol), but lets do a keyboard review. I finally got some good typing expeiriance of the keyboard after gaming on it for a couple weeks, in the form of writing a page and a half essay on it. Typing Speed On my crapy sch
  4. Our homecomming football game is today, which means ive got to march it (Yay) 



    And weve got to do mandatory pep rally to rally all that pep and shit, taking the last half hour of the day, but the band has to miss out on all of 9th hour....

  5. But that not something a normal consumer could do, you may be able to do it to your own laptop, but it will be a pita
  6. Yes, you go 3d print a bottom to a metal laptop......
  7. Yep, you would need to cut a hole in the side
  8. It may be a bd drive, with some sort of manufacturing defect, or it just got damages some other way at some point, and its just showing now. From now on keep multiple backups in solid state storage, and multiple places (like keep one backup at home, one at say, a parents house, and one in your system
  9. It depends on the cpu, but no cpu type has a hard limit, just what that specific memory controler can get. Some ryzen 5000 cpus can get to 4200mhz, some only 3600, it depends.
  10. Yeah, as i understand most people do 1080p 30 or 60, even if they are playing at 1440p
  11. You send it to data recovery people, like DriveSavers (but theyve hade a lot of bad press recently, so idk if you should use them) pay and they do their thing. Itll be several hundred dollars, however.
  12. 9th gen Intel dows have preformance increases if you have faster memory, but nothing like what you get on 10th gen or ryzen, really, its going to be maybe 5-10% performance increase, so your choice
  13. that would make sense, theres no boot files on that drive. DO NOT REINITALISE IF YOU NEED THE DATA. That can and will lead to loss of data. You need to send it to data recovery to get the data off of it. Youll be out of a fair amount of money, but you will get the data back. In the future, keep 2 copies at home, one elsewhere, preferably on SOLID STATE storage, like a USB drive or a SATA SSD
  14. You do realise it wouldnt be a dock with the solution you are trying? You could use a THEORETICAL pc pcie thunderbot card, then a pcie to nvme adaptor, then you would have to hard mod the laptop to get it plugged in, thats not a dock