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    Keeper of too Much DDR2
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    School and Homework


  • CPU
    Core i5 7400 @ 3ghz.
  • Motherboard
    B250m boozoka.
  • RAM
    16gb 2800mhz ddr4, running at 2666mhz due to BIOS resrictions.
  • GPU
    Rx480 4gb xfx refrence PCB/Cooler
  • Case
    Fractyl Design Meshify C light TG
  • Storage
    1TB WD HDD, 500gb WD HDD, 128gb Samgsung 470, and MX500 500gb (boot)
  • PSU
    Thermaltake 80+ smart 600w
  • Display(s)
    Visio 768p TV, HP W2371d
  • Cooling
    Soon to be Hyper 212, soon to be black
  • Keyboard
    Redragon K552 rainbow with reds
  • Mouse
    Redragon M502
  • Sound
    Run Mus K2 pro red
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro
  • Laptop
    HP Chromebook 14-SMB
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    iPhone 8
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  1. Put mass storage in that thing PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 3.4 GHz 16-Core Processor £871.51 @ Overclockers.co.uk CPU Cooler Corsair iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT 75 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler £148.31 @ Amazon UK Motherboard Asus ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING ATX AM4 Motherboard £161.97 @ Aria PC Memory Corsair Vengeance RGB P
  2. You can change the msiab on screen thing by selecting what you want in the settings.
  3. Yes, all non g ryzen chips are using Zen +. It is entirely possible that you have pushed too much through the transistors.
  4. Ok, this won't help, but this kinda looks like when a VGA cable isn't pluged in all of the way. Actually, could you reseat the cpu, just to check?
  5. The one from the i5 7400; whichever has no copper slug.
  6. Im just double checking prices before I list what I want to sell. (usd) I have 2 Fractal Dynamic X2 vGP-12 fans, 1 no name clear 120mm fan (3pin, no leds), 1 Intel Stock Cooler, and the case from a Dimension 2400 prebuilt with custom black interior (plus free windows XP home 32bit key) I was thinking: Dynamic x2 GP-12: list 15, expecting 10-15 No name: list 5, expect 4 or 5 Intel Cooler: List 5, expect 4 or 5 Case: List 20, expect 10-15 What do you think?
  7. Its pretty normal ime. You are picking up white noise like breathing, fans, or tthings moving at that point
  8. I’m getting 10c lower on idle (mid 30s to mid 20s) and about 20c lower onset heavy load (mid 70s to mid 50s).
  9. BUILD UPDATE!! I be got a couple minor changes to hardware, a new PC stand, and the cable management that @Skiiwee29 suggested. As for new hardware, I updated the cooler to a Hyper 212 EVO. I don’t have a backplate, so I’m using an advanced mounting system (zip-ties) that @LinusTech would be proud of. I also swapped out my Fractal Dynamic x2 GP-12 for my exhaust for the InWin Sirius Loop fan that I broke. I used advanced tools (pliers) to remove the motor, to make it a Light Loop. I completely remanaged the cables, starting with the PSU and ending with the
  10. I'd rather apple just pay their workers instead of making like 700$ in profit for every 1000$ phone.
  11. I don't think you can. And if you could, it would definitely break any program that assumes the os drive is c.
  12. It really depends on which 750w. The 3070 especially would cause problems with some psus.