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  1. Agree, at least an 1660 everything else will be underpowered for that build. The price aint too high for that and the graphicpower will be plus 66% : https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-1660-vs-Nvidia-GTX-1050-Ti/4038vs3649
  2. Bios is up to date ( flashed from 1.0 to 1.3 on both boards ), i allready was thinking of roll it back to default and look if that helps cause in the 2,5 weeks of running first Board on ver 1.0 i had no trouble with 2 cards.When having Machine open to exchange stock cpu-cooler vs a blackrock i updated Bios and short after the 2nd Graphiccard got lost (why i thought of might have broken something at mainboard and ordered a second one, wich i updated at setup and had same problem with wich means first MB was still ok). NV driver is ( 456.71 ) and same occured at the older driver a
  3. Anyone knows why the f****ing Gigabyte Aorus Pro B550 boards "forget" graphic cards wich are conected to the PCI-E slots 2 and 3 ??? Got 2 of this s****ty Boards and both after installing run fine with 2 or 3 Graphic Cards until they stop out of the Blue recognizing the cards in slot 2 and/or 3. At first Board i thought i damaged the slot and ordered a 2nd, but same. Now rebuilded a PC with the first board and that ran fine with 2 cards for 3 days, after that again the 2nd card was "lost". Both, Boards and Cards,are ok and theres more than needed power from the PSU .... Dont know why, never ha
  4. After replacing the GTX1650 at my 3D-Printserver vs an used Vega64 things speed up for me, can now overnight even shut down my main-pc wit its 2070super
  5. RTX 3080 also as RX6800XT are MYTHS, they dont exist ! Since 2 Months they try to tell us they would exist but i never seen one in the wild or shops (and at least, not for the price announced by its vendors) .
  6. got it into top 500 personal target reached. Mission: stay there
  7. Really? I fired up computers 15 or even 20 years up after sweeping the dust out of them. As long as you dont put off the cooler or the cpu no need of renew the paste.
  8. ... I bought the Termaltake XT-20 case and 4x 240mm RING Coolers and 6x 120mm Coolers and fired it up with AMD´s 3900x on Auros B550 Pro board with RTX 2070S and GTX 1650 Graphic Cards ... in the front of the Case i got my sixpack Beer for cooling. Therefore i would say, yes, thats very inovative, thx Thermaltake
  9. my son had same problem after changing components at his system , but it didnt affected other games. At that case the solfing of the problem was cleaning the regestry and clean install cs go again. Thats whiy i quested if the problem occures under other games or not.
  10. He should install a free2play game like WorldOfTanks to test if the problem is the same under that game ( its pretty similar in its needs on the system ) ... if its NOT occuring then its a problem only with CS GO and his system, a reinstall of win and cs go might fix it then. If its occuring too, it sounds like a harder to fix problem, maybe hardware problem
  11. on the other hand a 1080TI consumes up to 250 Watts and a 2060 Super "only" up to 175 Watts , wich may relate the price by energy costs depending how often you need "all" out of your GPU .... at least, if you need a new power suply to fire up the 1080TI
  12. You should check that the cooler you choose has at least a TDP of 130 Watt. Dark Rock 4 Pro has 250 Watt TDP wich is imense more than needed and will lead to a super quiet gaming. My son has dark rock 4 pro and his pc is quiet even when folding@home pushes out everything from your computer. Me, i have atm still the stock cooler of Ryzen 3900x and it has only 5 Watt TDP more than needed and its geting loud as *** when F@H runs, i surely will buy me the dark rock 4 pro as soon as possible.
  13. Please make a memtest, if everything is ok you should try a bigger power suply