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  1. Thanks for that tip by the way cause I was saying the same thing till you had explained about quick sync. Most of my parts will be here by Friday so I might have it all done by this coming week.
  2. just order my parts waiting on them to com in now ill post a picture once I have it built. thank you to all of you that helped with the recommendations it is greatly appreciated.
  3. this was the cheapest name brand one on system builder.
  4. I was using that for the boot the 6tb hard drive is for the media files
  5. So your saying something like this would run everything with no problem?
  6. You can solve that by turning off updates in the services and use o&o shutup which will keep all services you disabled off.
  7. Okay sounds good thanks for all the info
  8. I mean 17000 not 1700 missed a 0
  9. Passmark says this cpu is a little above 1700. Okay ill do some research on gpu. Any suggestions on a power supply?
  10. So this would be a better cooler then. Also what would be your recommendation for a gpu i would prefer to stay with amd.
  11. How about something like this
  12. Thanks for all of your guys input this puts me on a better track. Anything other comments are more then welcome I'm saving money as of now. This was to just start a layout. Anyone have a recommendation on case that's not to bad to build in and has room for more drives to be added as needed?
  13. Or this one? https://www.ebay.com/itm/174280950098
  14. Do you think something along the lines of one of these would be over kill. Or would this be kinda on the loud and annoying side? https://www.ebay.com/itm/184100780109