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  1. Yes, i ended up returning it.. Too hot or too noisy... In the palm area 45c is too hot. It was hurting my hands, plus i have swetty hands like the feet of linus haha. I've just ordered the blade 14 with 3070. Next week it's here. Hoping for the best.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. It's the razer so susceptible to break? Never Heard of that in reviews. Also the keyboard temps looking to reviews are not crazy, i know that a 13inch with a 1650 are going to be warm, but the xps was impossibile to use, it was really hurting my hands after few minutes. Of the x13 i am really worried about plastic palm rest and the back cover. Also the logo with "republic of gamer" it's really ugly.. I was about to be conviced with the razer but now that all of you reports of shitty components...
  3. Hi all, after my disappointing expirience with Xps 15 (45c or plus on the keyboard and palm rest, 45c was the limit for my thermometer..) , i chose to send it back. Now i'm chosing between Rog flow X13 and Razer blade 13 as they are the only 13inch with decent gpu, and similar priced. Plus for Razer are: build quality, aesthetics, matte display, bigger trackpad Plus for X13: better CPU, 16:10 screen. Whats your thought? Ps: for the x13 obv without xg mobile.
  4. The bios and all the other stuff it's updated. When gaming the temps are not so much different from when idle.. After 1hr of AC. Valhalla it was at 70c, 5 more than when using excel while plugged. Plus i'm really pissed off that dell had announced 3 days ago the new xps 15 with 3050ti and 11th gen in it.. I would wait but i cant, need the laptop for work.
  5. When unplugged it does not spike that high with whatts. It seems that when plugged the power manager always answare to every task "do it faster than possible and boost to 4.7ghz on all Cores with 65w drain". So even if i open a folder it gets hot and never goes under 55/60 at idle. Thinking on returning... So disappointed btw..
  6. The problem is mostly when plugged in, when on battery there isn't too much Heat on the keyboard. Btw when plugged and typing email my hands get wet and it's only may idk how to do when july comes. Not so much task in background, i noticed that even when alt tabbing through different Windows the cpu suck like 40 to 65W and the temps goes way up to 75 or more. I never Heard this in reviews, even from ltt they say it's pretty cold. I expext a 2k euro machine to be cold atleast in thunderbird... Seems that it uses way more whatts than needed.
  7. Hi all, I have received yesterday morning my new Xps 15 9500 with i7, 1650ti, 16gb RAM, 1tb ssd. I have a big problem, it is HOT even in idle, temps on cpu never lower of 65 celsius and 38/43 on the left palm rest based on where i get the temp. Its really far too hot. The fan is always spinning. Tonight i let hwinfo open while downloading 60gb from my cloud, it reached 100 on 4 Core and 98 on the others.. Is the mine detective?
  8. Do someone heard rumors about surface laptop 4? Or atleast 3 but with new 11gen intel?
  9. When she's home she have a 27inch external monitor, so no problem for eyes. For apple it's not prejudices but it's becouse my wife it's the kind of person that fall in love with one ecosystem and i do not want to buy all the apple Products to get use of it, and not like being restricted to only one manufacturer.. So.. Windows alternative to xps?
  10. Really the Zenbook 14 with ryzen 7 can do 20 hours? The only laptop as far as i know that can do that is the macbook pro M1. She like a macbook but i will not buy an apple product. Never in my life. I do not unserstand the difference between zenbook S series and normale zenbook. What do you think of msi prestige 14?
  11. Hi all, I have to buy a new laptop for my wife, she wants something with rly good build quality (like xps or surface laptop) Usage: work with big excell sheets, photoshop, light gaming. Needs: aspect ratio 16:10 or 3:2, no 16:9. Price: till 1500 euro it's ok. Country: Italy. If surface laptop 4 with 11gen intel xe grapthic was a thing i had with no doubt wait and take that, but cant wait anymore.. Any good alternative to Xps? Ps: no HP, she hate that brand.
  12. Have u tried to reset the Cmos? In most mobo you have to short 2 dedicated pins with a jumper, removing the battery is not enough. If there is an error on the Cmos the mobo will seems to be dead, i revived so many PC doing this
  13. I've found a second hand GTX 1070 for 140€ / 150$ and a 1070ti for 20 more bucks is it worth for upgrade this rig? Maybe is better go for a RX 570 or 580? Another question, does my 650w PSU is enough?
  14. Just for know, how can u run ddr4 on a i7 3770? Is it a miss click on the keyboard?
  15. If it was fine i will not have make this thread hehe Btw I'm expiriencing huge frame drops while gaming via steam link with Games like Monster hunter world or assassins creed odissey, cant reach stable 30 fps as it is. (without hosting works fine at medium settings, but seems to lack power to stream)
  16. Budget (including currency): 200/250 EU/USD if upgrading is worth Country: EU Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Steam link gaming host Existing pc from 2013/14 Motherboard: asrock b85 pro4 Cpu: i7 4790 @3,6ghz Ram: 12gb ripjaw ddr3 1660 dualchannel Gpu: amd radeon r9 280 3gb Powersupply: 650w HDD: 500gb 10000rpm hdd Now the question is, is it worth trying to upgrade this old rig without going to waste money? I will use it to host 1080p 30fps steam link on my other Android devices via 5ghz wifi, do not need