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  1. yep yep yep THIS right here is what I'm thinking too. There ARE some reports for Zen3 too. I saw one with the 5900X, so it might be AMD CPUs in general, but it also seems some people haven't got/noticed this issue. 3070/R5 3600 here, and some threads are being bombarded while some are basically idle which, for now, required me to lower the crowds setting to medium. The game still dips HARD when moving the camera sometimes, especially in 3rd person while driving.
  2. benchmark29-11-20.txt So I've had my 3070 Aorus master for about a week now, and I've noticed some very light micro stuttering. It comes in, what seems like, a consistent interval. Most obvious in rythm games, as well as competitive titles. The stutters are mostly in the realm of 'you blink and you'll miss it' except when it comes to stuff moving towards you i.e walking at a steady pace forward and rythm games like clone hero where there's a highway scrolling/moving at a set speed. Thing is, this card has dual bios "OC/Quiet" and I noticed that "Quiet" had more frequen
  3. Ok, so as stated, I've got a Philips PUS556703/12, and it's been pretty nice so far with decent input lag when gaming. However, something that's bugging me BIG time is the fact that Tv has an audio lag that's decently noticable. As the title says, the audio is behind the image, but here is the thing, it only happens when the Tv is in either "Game" or "Pc/Monitor" -mode. So basically whenever the Tv is turning off features to improve input lag, the audio seems to stay synced to where the image would be if it still was working under the ~100ms input lag (~30+ in Game mode). So if the tv were on