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  1. Hope you can get a 6900XT too and compare with 3090
  2. if same price, of course 1660ti
  3. Not everyone same lucky as you...especially they don't know what happened to the used cards...
  4. depends....a new card has full warranty, but used ones too much uncertainty..if not budget issue, never recommend.
  5. I'd rather buy a new one....used one too risky...you don't know what will happen the next
  6. 1660S is already enough for 1080P, 2060 surely no problem..
  7. I just changed my R9 380 with 1660 super....so far so good..no needt to worry about driver issue any more...and much more quiet than before..
  8. ah, maybe with that price you can buy a used one...
  9. Hi, which product are you looking for, maybe I can help...
  10. me neither, light is useless...
  11. haha, thanks for your reply....the name is Hikvision, not hick...not sure if they can get connected to each other, Hikvision is actually the world No.1 in security cameras, but they established a company specially for storage.Not sure if their quality for SSD is assured.
  12. recommend WD blue 1TB, their own 3D TLC, much reliable, SP too risky..