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  1. okay so my brother had the same evga shitty psu now he needs a new one, but stock here in the thirld world it's hard rn What about the NZXT Hale90 V2?
  2. yeah we don't really have the seasonic focus gm right now, it is in fact the focus fm. So I guess I'll buy the gigabyte. But what about the segotep 600w 80 plus gold? Tier A also
  3. so the segotep puls gold 600w is actually a god psu?
  4. Okay so my evga g1 is shit, that's why it failed two times in a couple of months Should I go for gigabyte G750H 750w or Seasonic GM-750? Guess gigabyte is better and also cheaper in my country Edit: gigabyte is barely cheaper but I have to wait like a month cause of the virus. So if the seasonic is also tier A, I'll go for that