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  1. I just bought the lg gl850. It’s a good monitor with some backlight bleeding/IPS glow. I play PC and PS5 games. PC games look good. But PS5 games look a bit off, even when downscaled from 4K. I am thinking about returning it and going for a 4K monitor. But I just cant play CoD and FPS games at 60Hx. It feels a little slow. I can manage 30 FPS in some games but when comes to fast paced shooters like CoD even 60 FPS feels slow. what should I do? Does anyone have a dual set up 1440p and a 4K monitor? How do you feel about it?
  2. This is the recommended dsr setting (x2) geforce experience recommends for my resolution which 1440p. And it scales perfectly, atleast according to my perception
  3. I am currently using a custom resolution of 3620 x 2036 for some games on a 1440p monitor, and to me the game looks better than it would on DSR. Are there any downsides to this. Nvidia also put a warning on doing this.
  4. I have noticed this in some games where my monitors framerate counter will spike to 144 hz when playing. It causes a bit of stutter. What is causing this. Ill have my fps locked to 60fps, it will fluctuate around 60 but then suddenly jump to 144 and I get a bit of a stutter whats going on? This only happens when I use freesync. Monitor - AOC 24G2
  5. My framerate spikes. And the monitors framecounter jumps to 144 at random times. I so if locked at 140 sometimes it jumps to 144. Even locking at low framerates i notice issues. The monitor frame counter fluctuates a lot.
  6. When I use freesync I notice stuttering and sometimes even tearing (rtx 3070). I am using the cable that came with monitor itself. When I run the Gsync pendulum demo it runs fine but every game I test runs worse with freesync. I know my monitor is not compatible with gsync. But it did work flawless with the pendulum demo. My question is could it be the included cable being of a lower quality? Or is it just the compatibility?
  7. I am just curious, how would games that output aground 60 FPS look in 360 hz or 240 hz monitor WITHOUt gsync/free sync. would there be tearing or stuttersif vsync was enabled?
  8. no the cpu is a huge bottleneck i think. 9600k is a weaker cpu when you look at the cpus that are out now adays.
  9. oh sorry, black ops coldwar. Its not fluctuating a lot, its just couple of fps like 117-122hz but i am wondering if a locked 120hz is better. 9600k dual channel ram 3070 I don't have any issues i think its normal
  10. I am playing cod locked at 120 using rivatuner the line is flat. But my freesync monitor is still fluctuating a bit. Is this normal or should I just use fixed refresh?
  11. I switched to the GM 650 and it still had the flickering I think its because of the game itself. But I still feel comfortable with my purchase since the psu was 456 watts and had a low tier rating.
  12. I thought Zen 2 uses 7 nm while intel uses 14nm. Shouldn't Zen 2 be way better?
  13. I just bought a 650W I hope its enough. Thats whats recommended anyways.
  14. Just switched to the seasonic GM650. But isnt efficiency the other way around? Meaning I am assuming a 456W PSU would draw 536 W from the wall @ 85% efficiency, Am I wrong?
  15. Ok thanks a lot just purchased a cx650M on amazon. Can you explain the tiers? Are there any downsides to buying a low tiered unit? Plus what do you mean by 85% efficiency? why do you think it will be drawing at 85% efficiency?