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  1. It is a gigabit ethernet if ur asking about that And its getting below 70 mbps
  2. No need to move the router since the phone already getting about 250 mbps And yes i have tried the both awitches with same results Actually recently i have done the Playstation speedtest and getting same result as the pc, ps4 connected wiredly So only the Android is getting the full dose
  3. Yes you're right, it is placed in a perfect place and getting full coverage On pc getting no above 70 mbps
  4. Yes it is a CPE router Its running on SIM card 5G network And yes I'm doing tests using ethernet Cat7 cable And yes of course disabled cellular data when connected to wifi
  5. 250 mbps and I'm getting it on my android phone wifi And no only 1 computer connected not else
  6. Huawei 5G H112-370 and already got latest drivers and latest windows update
  7. hello im getting about 250 mbps when i do a speed test from speedtest.net from my android phone and getting less than 70 mbps !! be advised that i used both Cat6 and Cat7 cable with exact same results, im connecting from my pc directly to the modem also bought netgear a6210 (usb wifi adapter usb 3.00) and surprisingly same 70 mbps !!! i tried everything, i tried changing speed & dublex to 1 gigabit and even tried a usb 3.00 to lan adapter also same problem tried also fresh re installing windows 10 my lan ethernet is already supporting up to 1 gigabit