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  1. I decided and ordered the MSI Gaming Edge after all, thank you everyone.
  2. I think i'll probably stick to the z490 Gaming Edge since it also has WIFI and I'm looking for a long term investment, although i'm not really sure how big the difference is between it and the Tomahawk.
  3. I was interested in the Tomahawk since it's cheaper in my country than any others but I'm wondering if there's problems with overclocking/upgrading on it to the 11th generations if needed.
  4. Hey! I'm looking to upgrade my FX-8300 to the new I7-10700k and i'm very excited. I'd love if you guys could recommend me a good mid range z490 motherboard for the I7. I haven't done any overclocking in the past, but i'm looking to build a PC capable of doing 2k gaming so will probably overclock in the future, if necessary.
  5. Hello! I was wondering if it's worth pairing an i7 8086k with the upcoming graphics card and if there will be any bottlenecking. I was thinking of buying the 2070 super, but i'd rather wait for the new ones.
  6. Hello! I'm wondering if anyone has this combo and if the "Freesync" works good in combination with the 2070 Super. If not, what other 144hz 1440p monitors would you guys recommend?
  7. No, i didn't make the purchase it for the kit and i will think about the ryzen 3700x+ 2070 Super, thank you very much.
  8. Didn't know about the site but i'll keep in mind for the future, thank you. And yeah, i can see that the prices are pretty different and sadly there are not many providers here.
  9. I mean, these are the prices around here, so there's nothing i could've done to get them for a lower price anyway and i wasn't going to buy them second hand anyway, so..
  10. Also, for instance, a brand new i7 9700k + mobo costs about 740$ and a RTX 2070 Super, for me, brand new, costs 700$, so i'm totally far from achieving those. Last thoughts after this clarification?
  11. Okay so these are the parts that i already bought and these are my local prices rounded and converted into USD. NZXT H710 - 235$ Corsair Vengeance RGB 16gb 3200mhz - 135$ Cooler Corsair H150i - 230$ PSU Corsair RM850 - 145$ Mobo + CPU + GPU - 675$ Keep in mind that a 1080 TI on my local second hand website goes for about 520$ without warranty.
  12. I'd really like to purchase a 2k 144hz IPS monitor in the near future and don't really have more money to invest into an RTX right now, the only one that i could afford would be the 2070 Super which, from what i've understood from researching is that it's holding neck in neck with the 1080 TI. And since i'm getting a pretty good deal buying the combo that i mentioned from my friend, don't think i really need an RTX right now.
  13. The mobo + gpu + cpu bought them from my friend will be 700$ and in total it would cost me 1450$.
  14. Budget (including currency): - Country: Romania Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: 1440p games mostly Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): Hey! I am looking to upgrade my PC. The mobo, CPU and GPU i'll be purchasing from my friend that's also upgrading his PC, so the parts still have warranty! I am currently curious if this build will let me play games at 2k resolution for the next couple of