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    Promosss reacted to fpo in what is a mature response?   
    That explains what you see is right/wrong, but it irrelevant as morality isn't what's being discussed. As I said, some people enjoy a good slut or whatever the correct word I'm looking for it... "Free spirited" is the PC term for it?
    I didn't say that sending any selfie is bad. The context around the selfies being shared and to whom they're being shared are red flags. Her behavior when being called out on it doesn't maker her appear any more innocent.
    I am using the word whore incorrectly. I'm using it demeaningly as an insult to one that cheats or has multiple sexual partners when at least 1 partner is expecting the sexual activity to be mutually exclusive. IE closed relationship. I don't really know the correct word, but based on the cultural re-definition, many use it incorrectly meaning the same definition I am intending.

    We're not here to correct my knowledge of English, we're here to help OP find the best reaction to his situation.
    The social norm is that you only become intimate with your boy/girlfriend in a relationship unless it was discussed that an open relationship would be agreeable by both parties.
    It's not oppression, it's self control & love, not teenage eroticism.
    I wouldn't characterise OP as insecure. I believe OP cares deeply for his significant other & has strong feelings. His expectation when being there for her is that she isn't being intimate with others.
    It's a strong red flag that she's tempted & could have potentially done more. The old saying is "When there's one there's a hundred."
    Her loyalty shouldn't have any temptation of others and nor should his. It would be weird for OP to send pictures of himself in a wife beater to girls & I wouldn't expect his significant other to take it any other way.
    From my talking to girls, if they have a body, & they like someone, they show it to them. They'll play dumb, but we all know what she's showing off-otherwise she would have covered it, changed into less revealing clothing, or made it not obvious what shirt she was wearing.
    Make slut shaming a negative phrase, but no girl has ever said "I like wearing skimpy clothes & hate when the boy I like checks me out."
    No girl has ever gone to the bar in a thick sweater & expected to be hit on.
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    Promosss reacted to fpo in what is a mature response?   
    Group texts != sending a selfie to one boy. 
    Sleeps around. 
    If she’s in a relationship, the social custom is to behave as if you are demisexual whether or not you are. 
    Shes either 100% loyal to OP, or she’s not. 
    If OP is fine with less than perfect loyalty, that’s his choice. Doesn’t mean the girl isn’t a slut, whore, or whatever polite term you want to use for a skank. 
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    Promosss reacted to WereCatf in what is a mature response?   
    That means she knew what she was doing was going to offend you and did it anyway. If she didn't know or didn't think it was offensive, she wouldn't have deleted them, either. Personally, I wouldn't put up with someone who doesn't respect me/our relationship enough to not overstep boundaries they are fully well aware of on purpose -- accidents are one thing, deliberate actions are an entirely different thing.
    That said, I am not going to recommend any "response" to this. Only you know what's good for you.
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    Promosss reacted to Jurrunio in Chrome will use new Windows feature to reduce RAM hogging nature   
    Tbh I dont mind high RAM usage, I bought all these memory just to be used some way or another.
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    Promosss reacted to AluminiumTech in apple responds to hey controversy by insulting free app developers   
    If you are the only source of apps on a platform and you explicitly block people from sideloading then you have less of a right to say no to things. I would argue that if you block others from sideloading apps on your platform that you don't have the right to say no to any app or game that comes through.
    Doesn't change what a monopoly is and doesn't stop Apple's behaviour from being monopolistic.
    Do you think that nobody should be in control of the devices they own?
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    Promosss reacted to mr moose in apple responds to hey controversy by insulting free app developers   
    If I can't install whatever app I want without apples blessing then I don;t own the device.  The solution is simple, apple either allow companies to side load or they allow companies to have in app purchase and service not got through the app store.
    So as I said earlier, unless you are willing to argue for MS to only allow MS store apps to be installed in windows then you can't argue for this on any other privately owned device.
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    Promosss reacted to Jumballi in Looking for the Be All End All monitor   
    There’s only one, the asus pg27uq
  8. Agree
    Promosss reacted to OddOod in Looking for the Be All End All monitor   
    Been there, done that, hated it. Nothing is designed with them in mind. When I can get 32:9 4K 120hz I'll grab a pair, entirely redesign my desk, and slice out the middles for one 16:9, then have readers on the sides. Until then, please don't try to tell me my monitor preferences. It turns out that different people value different things. I have not once tried to tell you you are wrong for your preference, kindly do me the same favor.
  9. Funny
    Promosss got a reaction from Haro in Games that push a 2080 ti   
    Flight Simulator 2020 will give the 2080ti a run for it's money.
  10. Funny
    Promosss reacted to DrMacintosh in Thunderbolt 3 dock useless on AMD?   
    Love how you tried to win on a technicality but in the end you just repeated what I said. 
  11. Funny
    Promosss got a reaction from GDRRiley in Games that push a 2080 ti   
    Flight Simulator 2020 will give the 2080ti a run for it's money.
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    Promosss reacted to CarlBar in FBI has charged 6 former eBay executives & employees with lurid stalking   
    Amen. It dosen;t matter how any individual person reading this feels or would geel, what matters was that it was distressing, and upsetting to those being targeted and a wholly inappropriate use of resources and access by those responsible.
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    Promosss got a reaction from Lipe123 in Custom loop - worth it?   
    Judging from your response, it looks like you've made up your mind on spending money for custom loop from the beginning. Why bother asking in the forum then?
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    Promosss reacted to LAwLz in Is it safe to turn off Metldown and Spectre security?   
    The amount of misinformation in this thread is staggering.
    If it's true that you know people who went to ARM over this then those people are very, very uninformed since both Meltdown and Spectre also affect ARM processors.
    Meltdown and Spectre are not ISA dependent.
    This is completely false.
    1) They are not easy to execute. They are in fact very difficult to execute.
    2) Even when they are executed, you might just get a bunch of gibberish data. The likelihood of the exploit working, and the exploit fetching some important data are is small.
    3) You need more than an infected web page because all modern browsers now have mitigations in place.
    No it isn't.
    No it's not.
    It's important to note that there is not just one patch for meltdown and Spectre.
    The patches hardware vendors have released are not the same as the wide variety of software vendors has released.
    It depends on what vulnerability you are looking at. What's important to remember is that Spectre and Meltdown are not just two vulnerabilities. Those two are categories, which multiple vulnerabilities in each. Meltdown for example can be used to describe at least 3 vulnerabilities, and Spectre can be used to describe like 6 different vulnerabilities.
    Different hardware has fixes for different vulnerabilities. For example Whiskey Lake has hardware fixes for Spectre variant 3, 3a and 5.
    Also, I think people in general overstate the performance impact these patches have. We saw big numbers like 20% being thrown around but it's important to note that those numbers were from early patches that have since been replaced by far better performing patches such as retpoline, and those 20% numbers were deliberately cherry picked to make flashy headlines. The average impact of those patches were nowhere near 20%. It was maybe like 1 out of 20 workloads that were affected that dramatically.
    Skylake does not have hardware mitigation. Coffee Lake Refresh does, for some of the vulnerabilities (rogue data cache load and L1 terminal fault).
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    Promosss reacted to wanderingfool2 in PS5 Design Revealed + All New Games!   
    It's from playing both PC and for your information I do have a decent PC setup (and don't play console games).
    Okay, play any driving game without where you use wasd vs controllers and tell me that there isnt a difference...you are the one letting your bias against controllers cloud your judgement.  I never said controllers were better than keyboard and mouse...I said they each have their ups and downs.
    The positioning of keyboard and mouse can create unnatural angles that put minute stresses on the body.
  16. Informative
    Promosss reacted to LogicalDrm in More power draw = More heat?   
    To be honest, there's so much that techtubers don't tell. I don't know if its because they lack knowledge or just don't want to show the fact that PC building is not fun and easy all the time. Just take a closer look at RGB or Intel CPUs since Devils Canyon.
  17. Informative
    Promosss reacted to 5x5 in More power draw = More heat?   
    The 10750H is equivalent to the 4600H. Keep in mind the i7 you mentioned is 25% slower and has 25% less cores to power and cool
  18. Informative
    Promosss got a reaction from Kurosoki in About using two different gpus in same computer   
    There's no need to buy a 2nd GPU for that. Just plug another hdmi/display port from your GPU to your 2nd monitor and you should be fine.
  19. Agree
    Promosss got a reaction from Vishera in This really don't ad up - Samsung phone showing ads in some regions   
    The problem is the average user wouldn't know how to set up a firewall to block intrusive ads like these, and they shouldn't have to. I haven't experienced anything like these yet on my Note 9 (though i have once, on Twitter app but i think that comes from another app that i installed). But if these happened to me, no more Samsung phone for me in the future.
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    Promosss reacted to Haro in Better upgrade do both CPU+GPU+Mobo or CPU+ Mobo   
    I don't think you get it 
    The point is
    As a combo the 3600 and the 1050 ti won't bottle neck 
    The 3600 will perform as it is suppose to same goes for the 1050ti
    But the 1050ti might not be enough for OP 
    As it's more of a weaker card 
  21. Agree
    Promosss got a reaction from 3rrant in I’ve Disappointed and Embarrassed Myself.   
    Linus called Tim a liar , a shill and asked how much has Sony paid Tim in his WAN Show.
    I don't know man, to me that seems like a personal attack.
  22. Like
    Promosss got a reaction from Deli in HX1200W Used for Mining for around 100$ good deal??   
    For now yes around 300-400w. In the future maybe just about 600-650w max when i upgrade my GPU. So it should run just fine then, thanks for the answer.
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    Promosss got a reaction from Minimalist Manta Ray in AMD confirms RDNA 2 "Big NAVI" will release for PC before the release of next gen consoles, calls it their "Halo Product"   
    Gotta love competitions, at the end of the day, the customer wins.
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    Promosss got a reaction from thechinchinsong in AMD confirms RDNA 2 "Big NAVI" will release for PC before the release of next gen consoles, calls it their "Halo Product"   
    Gotta love competitions, at the end of the day, the customer wins.
  25. Agree
    Promosss got a reaction from Beskamir in AMD confirms RDNA 2 "Big NAVI" will release for PC before the release of next gen consoles, calls it their "Halo Product"   
    Gotta love competitions, at the end of the day, the customer wins.