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  1. To put things in perspective, you can put 3700x+2070 super and it would still be enough. Don't worry.
  2. That's plenty but if you can state what your PSU model is, even better.
  3. The 2080ti is a 4K card, so you'll benefit from it the most by playing at 4k resolution. I'd say for you monitor that card is a little bit overkill. Any AAA games at 4K max settings will properly push your 2080ti to it's limits.
  4. Flight Simulator 2020 will give the 2080ti a run for it's money.
  5. What's your PSU? If it's good enough, upgrade the CPU first.
  6. For competitive FPS games, i'll be able to tell which one has 18ms response time and which one has 1ms response time. I play CSGO a lot so even 5ms vs 1ms can be the difference between who saw who first. It is why some players screams "dude, i didn't even see him". So for me advertising a 144hz screen (which is mostly used for competitive FPS) but with only 18ms response time seems like a marketing bullcrap for me.
  7. Exactly this, OP is very adamant about using a custom loop so i don't know why he didn't just go ahead and do it. He refuses to listen to any feedback that we've given.
  8. I use RivaTuner Statistic Server to monitor my in game RAM, CPU and GPU usage.
  9. Kept it all. First, RMA needs the product boxes, second, it's easier to sell the products second hand with boxes. Also also i love product boxes, they look sick.
  10. Judging from your response, it looks like you've made up your mind on spending money for custom loop from the beginning. Why bother asking in the forum then?
  11. Dumb question but have you tried reinstalling the game?
  12. Also, what chip will you be using? There's no need for custom loop if you're not using something like a 10900k or 10980XE. A 360mm AIO or a NH-D15 will be enough to cool almost any CPU in the market. As for the GPU, any good brand GPU with good cooling should be all that you need, if it's not enough, you can purchase a custom bracket from NZXT and a 120/240mm AIO to cool it, provided that your case has enough space.
  13. To err is human, human makes mistakes. So there's always a chance of leaking, no matter how slight it is. Also, you'll need to replace the water every six months or so for maintenance. So if you have 0 experience building a custom loop, you'll have to call that someone to do the maintenance for you every six months, which is not convenient.
  14. I'll never play single player games with mouse and keyboards. The positioning of my body playing with mouse and keyboard quite tense and is suitable for playing competitive games, whereas in single player games i like to be a little bit more relaxed.
  15. 150$ish maybe? But I'd rather add 20 bucks more and get a superior 1650 super.
  16. At this point, it seems like LowSpecGamer is just clout chasing. LTT did nothing wrong here.
  17. There's no need to buy a 2nd GPU for that. Just plug another hdmi/display port from your GPU to your 2nd monitor and you should be fine.
  18. Maybe so, but this particular one has 500k+ subscribers. The potential misleading of many customers is not something that i like to see, so i want to make sure that i get my facts right. Thanks again.
  19. Thanks, i'm just pissed of at the fact that most my country's tech youtubers are paid shills. NONE of them mentioned the shitty thermal design that the TUF15 has, and when i call them out, they said that 8 core mobile CPUs hitting almost 100 degrees are normal like come on man. Even when i shoved the evidence on their faces that the 10750h can run cooler than the 4800h simply because of better thermal design, they wouldn't budge.
  20. So imagine this, i have a 3600, and a 3900x, same configurations, motherboard and cooler and everything. Will the 3900x always run hotter than the 3600 because 3900x consumes more power? Because i've seen Hardware Unboxed's video about the Asus TUF15 where he compared the 4800h inside, with a 10750h MSI GL65, and the MSI GL65 runs cooler than the supposed more power efficient 4800h, and he attributed this to TUF 15's bad thermal design that allowed the 10750h to run cooler than 4800h. Is his assessment correct?
  21. The problem is the average user wouldn't know how to set up a firewall to block intrusive ads like these, and they shouldn't have to. I haven't experienced anything like these yet on my Note 9 (though i have once, on Twitter app but i think that comes from another app that i installed). But if these happened to me, no more Samsung phone for me in the future.