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  1. I do and when I select next it says sorry something went wrong try again later. I've been putting in the pin and keeps saying try again later for months
  2. everytime I log into windows it tells me to make a pin and every time it says sorry something went wrong does anyone have any ideas
  3. How do you get that? I've asked other places and people said I exceed 300W.
  4. When I add my ram, drives, ect it does.
  5. I'm getting either a GTX 1650, GT 1050, or GT 1050 Ti. In my system that puts me near 330W according to some calculators. I'm fine with an A10 for now.
  6. What changes between the qualities? I don't care if it looks better. What would be the downsides of a bronze vs titanium?
  7. If I don't have to pay much more for room to upgrade, sure. But if not I'd rather pay less.
  8. I need a 400-450ish watt PSU. I currently have an HP PS-5301-02 300W PSU, and I want to make sure the replacement has all the necessary cables/connectors. Motherboard is MSI-7778. Also needs to fit in the case (my case doesn't have a model number it's a Pavilion p7-1534). I don't want to put a lot of money into this because it is an FM2. Can someone list the connectors I need to look for? I don't really know what I'm looking at, I'd really appreciate it.
  9. It's from an HP... Pavilion p7-1534
  10. I plan on getting an AMD A10-5800K (100W) and either the GTX 1650, GT 1050, or GT 1050 Ti (All without external power). Do I need a new PSU or will I be fine with the original 300W PSU? https://ibb.co/vq72hv8
  11. Alright... would you recommend something like a 400W PSU then? I don't want to put too much extra money into this pc. What brands should I look under because I've hear horror stories with bad brands.
  12. I an HP Pavilion p7-1534 and am deciding between the GTX 1650 (4GB), GT 1050, and GT 1050 Ti. Can I get someone to say if these cards would fit or not in my case? My pc's case doesn't seem to have a name so here's a link: https://support.hp.com/id-en/document/c03673337. Here's an image too if that helps: https://ibb.co/ccB0795. Thank you.
  13. I'm going to upgrade to an AMD A10-5800K. Will I be able to overclock it on a MSI-7778 motherboard? Will my CoolerMaster CM12V be fine if it does? I have the motherboard with a A8-5500 so I could check BIOS if that's a solution. Thank you.
  14. Well it's going to be my first "real" pc (I have a Core 2 Duo tower but that sucks). School and stuff, maybe gaming. I never had a pc capable of gaming so I don't really know my options with that.