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  1. When I restart my computer 60% of the time it goes back to its normal responsiveness and smoothness so Im not sure if its the game. Ryzen 5 3600 Aorus B450 Pro WiFi GSkill Trident Z 16 GB 3600 MHZ RTX 2060 Super (3x Gigabyte) Deepcool Matrexx 55 add rgb Crucial P1 500 GB Seagate Barracuda 2 TB Deepcool DA700 Bronze Deepcool Gammax 400
  2. When I first made my PC a year ago I had no issues and everything ran perfectly, I think it was windows 1809. But now after I updated and am now at the latest version of windows fortnite is randomly slimy and acts as if vsync is on. Most of the time after restarting my computer its normal but sometimes I even have to reinstall windows to get it smooth. Razer synapse sometimes doesn't recognize any of my peripherals and geforce experience does not have the sharing and in game overlay options. Is this something to do with the new windows, bad compatibility of my parts with the new w
  3. Btw I have a rtx 2060 super 3 fans Ryzen 5 3600 4 case fans deepcool gammax 400 cpu fan and 16 gb 3600 mhz ram
  4. When I first built this PC last year it was able to run Fortnite at max settings easily and it felt really smooth. There was barely any noise and it was great, now when I play max settings the GPU gets really warm, all the fans start accelerating to really high speeds then going down again and there is a buzzing or coil whine from either the GPU or case fan. Is there anything i can do to restore the performance and quietness or am i forgetting something like cleaning out my graphics card. It has been about 10 months since I built it. Any assistance is helpful, Thank You!
  5. does the problem have something to do with uefi and legacy control in bios and changing it to legacy so that i could download windows again.
  6. Hi guys, I checked hdtunepro and crystaldiskmark and the hdd didnt appear in either, it is definitely on but just isnt being detected. Thanks for the help tho
  7. Hey, I recently reset my PC and reinstalled windows due to weird fps and resolved the issue. After reinstalling windows I activated windows for free via a YouTube video and think that may have caused a problem in my PC (Could not have, don't have much experience). A few hours ago I restarted my computer and when I did the bios took ages to load and didn't load into my boot ssd. I reinstall windows on my SSD and it works now but my HDD is not detected anywhere not even on the disk manager. When I have my HDD connected to the PC with sata the bios and boot takes really long to happen but once I'
  8. I reinstalled windows, disabled vsync and I now have my normal frame rate back. No spikes and high frames. In order to get minecraft RTX I had to download a windows update from online and I hope no one else is doing that or there gonna have to go through what I did. Thanks for your help guys.
  9. Thanks for checkin in, I did all of what you said and disabled hardware accelleration, vsync and reset my pc but still experienced spikes although the frequency was less. Im gonna try reinstalling windows and see how that works out. Thanks
  10. For a few days after buying the power supply it was fine, is there any way to fix the lag spikes?
  11. Hey guys, I built a PC around 10 months ago of the following specs and the power supply started failing about 4 months into building it. I only recently bought a new power supply and it ran fine. I then downloaded minecraft rtx and a new windows update and ever since a week, whenever I play a game like fortnite or csgo my game will drop to 5 fps from 240 every minute or two. Is the issue the power supply, the windows update or a new feature in the windows update that is limiting the PC. My computer is really strong and should be handling these games easily but even the fans are randomly spinni