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    Nelly224 reacted to Hold-Ma-Beer in Help with camera   
    I think this is what you're talking about. Indeed it should be a plug and play.. It happens sometimes. This is a what a autorun partition looks like which I was talking about :

    See the Oneplus Drivers partition? That is where the autorun files for the necessary drivers are. MAYBE there is one too on your PC.. Check and update
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    Nelly224 reacted to Hold-Ma-Beer in Help with camera   
    Model of webcam? I guess the autorun file didn't run. You might have to download the drivers or maybe there is a partition in "This PC" ?
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    Nelly224 reacted to lee32uk in First pc build   
    You would be fine with a 650W psu like the Cooler Master MWE Gold for $99. The Gigabyte RX 5700XT would save you $90 but if you prefer Nvidia then that is fine.
    Everything will fit in that case.
    Man U fan myself, although I find myself watching the NFL (Steelers fan) more than football these days. 
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    Nelly224 got a reaction from WY6 in First pc build   
    Man how😂 that looks almost exactly like the main monitor I had that’s amazing 
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    Nelly224 reacted to lee32uk in First pc build   
    The AMD gpu's are usually cheaper. 
    You can get a Gigabyte RX 5700XT for less than the price of that EVGA 2060 Super assuming you are buying from US stores. The 5700XT is faster than the 2060S in most games, and isn't that far off a 2070S. 
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    Nelly224 reacted to LjjlijJ in First pc build   
    no worries. suggestions are food for thought. you don't have to follow them.
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    Nelly224 reacted to LjjlijJ in First pc build   
    google and youtube. people run gaming benchmarks on specific hardware all over the internet.
    a few tips which should stand valid today:
    1. the newly released ryzen 3300x is really good value for money. benchmarks show its gaming performance is on par with 3600
    1a. within reason, don't sacrifice a better graphics card for a better cpu. for gaming, graphics card is most often the bottleneck. again, my four core cpu from 6 yrs ago, together with a 780ti, lasted me 6 yrs.
    2. for gaming, 2.5 inch sata ssd won't perform any worse than pcie m.2 ssd.
    3. Do you REALLY need two monitors?
    4. do consider amd graphics card. rx 5700xt is really good value. plus, freesync monitors are much much more firendly priced.
    5. a rx 5700 with efficient cooling can be flashed with 5700xt bios and get a very meaningful performance boost. (ignore this if you don't know what i'm talking about)
    6. if you are not a professional gamer, don't waste money on "premium" gaming mouse and keyboard. they may not even make marginal differences.
    7. you should value more the fps your graphics card can pump out than the monitor refresh rate, if not down the track you may regret it when your got a 240hz monitor but only 50fps.
    8. RGB hardwarw is for vanity.
    9. the same graphics card from a better brand can cost significantly more but may not provide any better fps at all.
    9. Get a decent case, a reliable (not necessarily better spec'ed) harddrive and a GOOD power supply. Years down the track if anything don't have to be changed it would be these.
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    Nelly224 reacted to lee32uk in First pc build   
    An R5 3600 and mid range gpu should be fine for two years. Of course it depends on what sort of settings and framerate you want. If you are fine with running games with lower settings when it starts to struggle a bit then you can make it last that bit longer.
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    Nelly224 reacted to ki8aras in First pc build   
    you can game on 2 monitors but the crosshair will be in the middle(where the monitors meet)
    so i f you want to go for a cheaper one and get a better primary monitor with the extra money
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    Nelly224 reacted to LjjlijJ in First pc build   
    generally graphics cards are the main reason why gaming rigs are expensive. it's not uncommon for a graphics card to take up 50% of one's budget.
    Not sure how long 2060 will last because no one knows the future for certain, but it's not a high starting point for sure.
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    Nelly224 got a reaction from boggy77 in First pc build   
    Thank you I picked the crucial p2