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  1. So now after sending it in for "repair" both of my fans make grinding noises. Clearly there was no testing done on the unit before they sent it back. I'm beyond pissed off at the whole situation. I've had oen laptop die, then it had grinding fans, and another laptop with grinding fans, and both throttling to 400mhz EDIT: I've found the fan set on amazon which I may order and do myself. But who knows if it'll work. Probably a manufacturing issue I would assume at this stage. https://www.amazon.com/HK-Part-GA502DU-GX505DW-GX505DV-Cooling/dp/B088FCLWR5?ref_=nav_signin&
  2. Got my 502DU back from repair. Fan started grinding right away.I found they put a bunch of screws in the wrong holes which is a joke...after putting them in the correct place it's been fine.....will see how it goes. I have another 502DU that has died entirely which i have setup for RMA as well. These laptops have not been good to me
  3. Had the throttling issue today with 302 BIOS. This is stupid. Sending mine for RMA tomorrow for the noisy fan. Both my laptops now have this issue
  4. I have had this annoying throttling issues since I bought this laptop and since updating to the new 302 BIOS the issue has gone away entirely. It's been about a week with no FPS drops. I will post back if anything changes. I am RMAing this for a noisy rattling GPU fan - and I requested RMA a week ago and I haven't heard from the courier. I followed up with ASUS 5 days ago who said they cant help me as its up to the courier now. Terrible customer service. They're hopeless, and this will be the last ASUS product I own.