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  1. I'm going to see if they'll send me a new one if I can prove it's not my laptop doing it. Just odd I get two bad ones in a row. I have...one m.2 slot.
  2. Drive health would go down every 7 or so days. It was at 90% after 3 months. I ask my friend who has two sabrent drives to show me his crystaldsikinfo. Both 100% with far more read and writes.
  3. Yes, it's my boot drive. I just now switched to my Intel 660p the laptop came with to see if I have any issues with it. It currently has more reads and writes and is at 100%. So far it's looking like I got two bad drives in a row. Still open for ideas.
  4. This is a replacement drive I got from Sabrent. The first one got to 90% health before they told me to send it back. The screenshots are taken 4 days apart and I installed Windows on the 7th of this month. I have an Asus Scar II with a 2070 geforce card laptop. What could be killing this thing so fast? There is no way I got two bad drives in a row. Any ideas at all, please help! Thanks.
  5. Okay, I thought so. I've had so many issues with this laptop that I wanted to make sure. Thank you for your reply. That is planned. I have a 1TB 2.5 SSD in my PS4 Pro. Once I get the PS5 I'll move that drive to my laptop.
  6. Hello everyone, first time posting here. Small question. I'm about to upgrade my nvme drive on my laptop. The current one is a Intel 660p 512 and I'm upgrading to a 1tb Sabrent Rocket. My question is the current drive has foil over it. I believe it's for EMI but not sure. Just want to know if I should take it off and put it on the new one or just not use it. Also while I'm here. Anyone have any issues with heat with these drives? Just a little worried since I had to repaste this laptop due to heat already. It's an Asus Scar II with the 2070.