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  1. just wait! don't buy. A lot new 144hz ips g-sync monitors are coming. wait until 2nd Q of 2021. they will probably be available sooner but there will be price and even low stock problems. LG and Acer are the better ones.2nd comes ASUS
  2. you damn right! yeah that's great headphones
  3. I totally agree, PS5 graphics will be pushed to it limits in a few years, after 4 years we're gonna see the true performance of rtx 2080 thing! agree?
  4. thank lord i didn't order it you two are hating that thing to the same degree. I have never used Skull candies. thank you!
  5. right! that smell candiesnice one dude!
  6. you know that kind of vibrating caught my attention! I'm using Beyerdynamic custom game headset. just for that vibration i wanna buy. will i regret it?
  7. some were appreciating that special bass! unless you are saying sound quality sucks?
  8. RTX 3090 looks better though
  9. right! just need to see those benchmarks
  10. the new ones are like 200$. the ancs are dropped in price to 200$. man i'm confused which to buy!
  11. i was talking about the newly released SKULL CANDY CRUSHER EVO . not talking about the IEMs. they are similar names though
  12. I always wonder! some say that ps5 will be equivalent to rtx 2080 or sth! the whole power will be unleashed at once or in a few years? My card is gtx 1070 and the cpu is i5 6600. how much ps5 will be better like 2 times?
  13. right! yes wireless ones. don't know which will sound better?
  14. Headphones bro! crusher ones! btw newly released evo and ANCs both 200$