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  1. Thank you, well i got it for ~$100 while the RM750x was priced at ~$123. I wanted the RM750x, but it wasn't in stock, and after i ordered the FSP, it turned out it wasn't in stock either, even tho the site said so. I'll have to wait until the 18th of may until my package leaves the store. ;(
  2. Yo! I wonder why I'm not finding any information on the FSP Hydro G Pro 750w psu. It seems to be in the A tier, and i ordered it going by that, but i just noticed it seems to be out of stock everywhere. I can't find a single review on them. Makes me wonder if I've made the right choice between that and the RM750x I remember FSP from many years ago, they've been making PSU's for a long time now. Any thoughts?