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  1. Whoops you are right; I meant 8000 You are also right that the laptop with the 9750H has a full blown 1660 Ti. What's strange is that I also was playing with a Yoga C940 with 1650 Max-Q (limited to 40 watts on that device) I tweaked the undervolt curve and memory a lot and I was getting a 5562. Crazy that the 1660 Ti Max-Q on the ga502du only does 15-20% better than a 1650 max-q For me the GA502du 1660 Ti seems mostly unresponsive to undervolt curves and memory overclocks; I guess it is just CPU bound? Also; what tweaks \ undervolts \ mem overclock \ (r
  2. Thanks for posting your results I got 6680, I tried this on a 1660 Ti laptop with an Intel 9750H and it got over 80,000. Valley Benchmark on the GA502du = 90 FPS; on the 1660 Ti Laptop w/ Intel 9750H = 133FPS Frametime issues in VR applications on the GA502du as well... Not Sure if there is a way to fix this.
  3. Can someone with this laptop do me a favor and run the final fantasy XV benchmark and share their score with this laptop? 1920x1080 and standard settings (fullscreen)? benchmark here: http://benchmark.finalfantasyxv.com/na/ I'm curious because my score seems low for a 1660 ti and I want to see what others are getting.