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About jerkoow

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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    8gb ddr4 single channel
  • GPU
    RX 560 Sapphire 2gb
  • Case
    Some potato's
  • Storage
    240 gb nvme ssd
  • PSU
    some poop 220v
  • Display(s)
    Some pee pee poo poo monitor
  • Cooling
    some pooppy ventilator
  • Keyboard
    some chinese mechanical keyboard
  • Mouse
    some rusty mouse
  • Sound
    headsets lol
  • Operating System
    windows 10
  • Laptop
    im not rich

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  1. Hello there I want to have just a sexy pc white one how much money should I spend and what should i buy?
  2. okay i want gaming but no second hand parts
  3. Currently i have A320M-S2H A10 9700 RX 560 and 16GB of ram i have about 200 euros of budget what should I do?
  4. Its 25 dollars anyway on croatian site And i have big case i dont think it would be problem
  5. what do you think what should i buy they are like 20 dollars
  6. that desk looks nice i wont it now
  7. into gpu hahahah anyway i disabled integrated gpu in bios
  8. I have 1 fan but my gpu is like 40c and it always uses like 10%
  9. ARK but even in leauge of legends it is high temps