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  1. @Bombastinator Moral of the story is that i will lose internet on my Ethernet but my wireless will never go out. sorry for making that complex and going into detail about other subject's that I tested out. @The_russian and yes I have gone through the testing with other devices with wired connections to make sure it was not a bad port on the router. and i have tested the cable prior to the install of the new cable when it was installed.
  2. I have ran a new cat6 cable just to be sure it was not the wiring. Purchased new router and modem. Re installed windows 10. Updated the network adapter's manually (7) 1219-v. did all the new ipconfig/commands in CMD . Went as far as running TronScript/reddit download nothing. I have also double/triple checked all of the settings in my router setting's. I am currently running Windows 10 Version 1909. For my CPU I am running i9-9900k with a ASUS Prime z390-A. I just can't seem to wrap my head around the issue tried many thing's checked setting's made sure they were turned off and