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  1. im looking for a new monitor. to be honest, itll probably be a while, but i want to make sure i know what monitor i should get. i watch a decent amount of films on my pc (i dont really have any other way to watch them) and im thinking about partially upgrading to 4k blu ray. i know for certain im not going to get a 4k monitor, i think 1440p will do the trick for now, but the other big think that 4k blu ray has is HDR. ive looked around and its a nightmare to find this info because websites dont usually have a "HDR" filter and even then it treats it as a binary thing. but one t
  2. Recently I've been looking into buying a new hard drive for my pc. I've noticed that for 15-20£ extra, I can get a Nas drive, and I'm wondering if it will actually have a benefit, and if it will be worth it. My pc isn't on 24/7, but it usually is on for 8+ hours a day.
  3. im thinking of buiying a new hard drive for my pc (3/4TB), and im not sure what the difference is (if any) between the manufacuturers. currently it is between WD blue, Seagate Barracuda and toshiba. any help is appreciated