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    Z370 MSI GAMING M5
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    16gb 3200Mhz g.skill tridentz
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    Gtx 1070ti
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    Cooler master
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    G.skill km780
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    Logotech g203
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    Hyper x stinger
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  1. So i am planning to use the cooler master H500 case as because of its price but I don't really like to blow dust and clean my pc often so I was wondering does the front mesh block out a lot of dust or does it even block out any at all.
  2. the AKG are wired so i thats kind of out of question already as for the skull candy grind is an on ear one and i dont like on ear than kyo ufor suggesting anyways
  3. So I've been on the search for a low clamping force headset to listen to music and casual use when I'm in the library because I have an extremely weak jaw. As for references the headset that I wore and felt fine are gaming headset such as the hyper x stinger and the artis 3 but for the artis 3 I needed a few weeks to lesson the clamping force. I even return the sony-wh1000xm3 because the clamping force was too much and my jaw line hurt. As so the price i would prefer it to be around 100$ but I can stretch it and ANC is not needed its just a bonus if it does have it.
  4. I'm planning to buy this laptop for video editing, coding and some minor gaming but prefer more subtle look not gamery look also taking to college because i would like to take notes my typing is slow but it does not come with a pen even thought it is touch screen are their pens that will work with this or is it only touch with my hand because i would like to note down stuff
  5. I would love it but i dont like the design its too gamery i want a thin and light cus i will be talking it with me all day long i saw the tuf too
  6. So im getting a laptop for college and will also do video editing and i saw this laptop and love the design and color i know the mac m1 are great but im afraid of the app support so and i want to know will this laptop be enough for 1080p video editing and coding as for college im pretty sure its enough
  7. I see thank you very much i think i will get it so i can also take notes in class thank you for helping me again and again last time it was you helping me too im just trying my best because its alot of money
  8. Theses are the option but i dont know which one to get im getting it for college and some 1080p video editing and coding i dont know which one to get as the xps 13 7390 which is suppose to have the U mode have the newer model too in my country so im confuse as to which one should i get
  9. Im thinking of getting this for college but i would like to know would it be able to run 1080p video editing or not and how long the battery would last in normal use because i would like to get into that too as i dont have many choices in my country (cambodia) as for the M1 base model is already 1.2K USD and this would also work as a note taking device in class.
  10. I would love the get the M1 but its base version is 1.2K USD in my country
  11. In your opinion would it be able to do 1080p video editing as it is something i want to get into and i don't want to spent alot of money
  12. So you are going to get the intel one sorry my english is not the best
  13. nope the ram is solder into the board tahts kind of why im stuck
  14. So i am getting a laptop for college and i am stuck between these 2 options as i really want to get the ryzen but it only has 8gb the 16gb version is not available in my country(cambodia) which should i get for college and 1080p video editing and some python coding? or should i try to get somewith with a dedicated graphics card like an mx250?