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    Meczox_ got a reaction from Eschew in Redragon K530 Draconic   
    Mines probably the 1 definitely not the 0 size though thx for your help alot sorry its abit hard cus english is my second language and size of stuff like this isn’t my strong point
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    Meczox_ reacted to jaslion in teared Foam in Keyboard?   
    Yeah if you can just place it and it stays there I don't see a problem with it being a bit torn. Worst case as I mentioned you glue them together or something.
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    Meczox_ reacted to jaslion in Clean gigabyte gtx 1070ti OC   
    Just clean the gpu die off of thermal paste. A tiny bit of dust on the pcb isn't bad. 70% alcohol is NOT recommended for this. Neither is a qtip because that leaves bits of itself everywhere.
    So basically just clean the dust of the heatsink and fans without using alcohol as normally you can just get it off with a paper towel and harsher paint brush. The heatsink you can even put under the tap and scrub it if there are not electronics attached to it.
    The card you just dust off with some air and paint brush and call it a day.
    Then apply a generous amount of thermal paste over the gpu die and pretty much mount everything back. be careful with the thermal pads they might rip. You can still use them when they do just puzzle them back together or get new ones of the correct thickness.
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    Meczox_ reacted to dkoudijs in PC will power on, but no output is displayed.   
    Even without a cooler, the PC should boot up for at least a few seconds. (Not recommned just saying it should boot)
    So I'm thinking either bad ram, or a failed CPU.
    As mentioned above pull everything, check everything and gently place them back in. (RAM, CPU, GPU)
    Also check the power cables as they could have come loose.
    And while your in the case check if any CAPS or anything else is missing from the board. I know you may not be able to tell, but random metal pins sticking up where a cap should be possible to spot.
    Good luck.
    P.S - If you have a second PC, or a friend to test your parts in I would try it. (RAM, GPU)
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    Meczox_ reacted to Quickstrike in PC will power on, but no output is displayed.   
    I'm assuming you got a desktop here...

    Step 1 - Check if your CPU cooler is loose. If so tighten it and retry booting.
    Step 2 - Remove everything but the ram/CPU/GPU and check if the computer posts. If it does reinstall the disk and other conponents one by one (booting between each install)
    Step 3 - remove the cooler, unseat the cpu, inspect it for bent pins, smell it for trace of ozone. If everything is fine, carefully reseat the CPU, repasted it if you got spare thermal paste, reinstall the cooler and try it.
    Step 4 - test the CPU in another computer (ask a friend)

    Comme back to us after all these
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    Meczox_ reacted to tkitch in PC will power on, but no output is displayed.   
    re applying paste won't get display to show up.  

    You could try re-seating the GPU?  It's possible something worked loose.

    Or if there was enough thermal wigglery happening, you may need to reseat the CPU (but that's a stretch)
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    Meczox_ reacted to Lowonley in gpu overclocking help (GTX 1070)   
    ok, ty a lot ima try this
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    Meczox_ reacted to Tech87 in Clean gigabyte gtx 1070ti OC   
    That paste is listed as having high thermal conductivity, but zero electrical conductivity.
    It's safe to use on both CPU/GPU applications.
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    Meczox_ reacted to brob in Pc fans spin but no dispay, what do i do?   
    Many motherboards have a pc speaker header, 2 pins on a 4-pin wide header. If your motherboard has such a header and you plug in  a pc speaker you may get beep error codes. The part is generally very inexpensive.
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    Meczox_ reacted to SupaKomputa in Air Cooler is the same as AIO and Cheaper too   
    Well $75 for a single tower IS expensive. It got 2 extra heatpipes, but still a single tower.
    The difference compared to 4 heatpipes are not that huge. 2-3c.
    The favorite brand in this category is Hyper 212 or Deepcool Gammax 400, most of them are less than $50.
    This guy review cheap coolers.
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    Meczox_ reacted to SupaKomputa in Air Cooler is the same as AIO and Cheaper too   
    from my experience 90mm heatsink perform not far from 120mm, a little bit noisier, but it's fine. it will work.
    I'm just posting some example he wanna go cheap, there are alternatives out there.
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    Meczox_ reacted to Kevin2334 in AIO Cooler facing down feels like pulling   
    yes and they say at the end while the life of the aio might be affected by the pumps being on top and it is not entirely recommended that it is possible to do so, in this case with no room on top and the tubes pulling then there is no option thus I dont see a need currently to have him/her potentially damage something further, though i do suggest getting a new case that will better fit an aio since this doesnt 
    and you are correct I miss quoted I meant to say the pump above the pipe, so I do apologize.
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    Meczox_ reacted to SorryClaire in gpu overclocking help (GTX 1070)   
    Software wise youll need:
    1. MSI Afterburner
    2. Purpose built GPU stress tester excluding furmark (Unigine Superposition is my usual pick on this one)
    3. Your daily used apps that relies on GPUs (video editor, games, etc)
    Hardware wise youll need:
    1. Good tiered PSU with a lot of wattage headroom for your CPU and other crap
    2. A case that isnt basically a closed up heating coffin (if you wanna keep that side panel on)
    Steps youll need to do:
    0. Run benchmarks and activities that you usually do. Write it down (framerates, render/compile times, etc) as a before results.
    1. Start up your stress testing app of choice
    2. Boot up MSI Afterburner
    3. Increase your power limit and temperature limit to the max that it allows (most modern cards only allow 110% or something like that, but 1070s usually allow 120% or so iirc)
    4. Start dialing a base of +50 mhz on the core clock, and +100 on memory clock(or dont and just skip to step 5 if you wanna be cautious, i usually do this to cut down on my overclocking session)
    5. Bump the core clock up to +10 mhz until your system crashes. Dial back to the last settings its stable. And then change to bump it to +5 till it crashes. After that stop. Repeat with the memory clock, but multiply by 10 for the bump (so +100, and +50 respectively)
    6. Run the same benchmark and things that youve done for the before comparison, and then compare the before and after.
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    Meczox_ reacted to AshleyBen in Replaced HDD with an SSD. Now I can't get to BIOS or boot up   
    Above worked to get it to boot. It recovered the BIOS and booted as it used too, only faster with the SSD. Thanks everyone for trying to help with this issue.
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    Meczox_ reacted to DigitalGoat in Will this desk be alright with the pc on it?   
    Nothing wrong with using packing to even it up, washing machines, fridges and cookers have feet you can adjust to make up for uneven floors, folded paper is ok temporary but you might want to use a piece of wood or something that won't compress over time just to be safe.
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    Meczox_ reacted to DigitalGoat in Will this desk be alright with the pc on it?   
    The desk looks sturdy enough, good weight distribution over those legs and doesn't seem like the overhang at the edges is enough to tip the desk, plus most of the PCs weight is towards the desk middle. If the desk doesn't wobble too much or creak and groan like an asthmatic hippo, I'd say your good.
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    Meczox_ reacted to thrasher_565 in Cooler Master H500 mesh front dooes it block dust?   
    it will block some dust and having a positive pressure will help keep dust from being sucked in from other cracks. im guessing this case is mostly set up this way any way. 
    but dust will still get in.
    keeping a clean room can help and off the carpet.
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    Meczox_ reacted to Peters in Bluetooth headset with Really low clamping force for casual use?   
    I use Sony WH-1000XM4,do not press your ears,and has amazing sound for their price)
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    Meczox_ reacted to iM8Pizza in Bluetooth headset with Really low clamping force for casual use?   
    For Clamping force, you can make the clamping force lighter by 'widening' (sorry for lack of words) the headphone for some time, for example, if you have a headphone that has too big of a clamping force, you can put the headphone on something that's t h i c c or something else (just enough, not to the point you're stretching it to the point it looks uncomfortable for the headphone), it should lessen the clamping force. Although, for presumably best result (from my experience that is), do check on it from time to time, like, try them on, you don't want to have the clamping force being close to non-existent either.
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    Meczox_ reacted to Osmomso in Steelseries Arctis 3 mic picking up every sounds from my laptop   
    I'm using Steelseries Arctis 3 headset, I have this issue since I got this headset (i think) for about couple of months now. It's been bothering me and my friends everytime we hangout on the discord or gaming, but I can't find any solutions online.
    I also already disabled stereo mix and disabled the "listen to this device" from advanced listen tab.

    Im also using a Y520 legion laptop with latest driver of realtek high definition audio.

    Here's the "solutions" that I've tried but doesn't work. Uninstall realtek and use windows stock drivers (high definition audio) but does not work cause realtek installs it automatically afterward. Testing every single enhancement sound effects on recording audio devices by ticking and untick everything one by one. Reducing microphone level sounds and boost but it just lowers my voice and what it picks up the sounds. Literally reset factory my whole laptop but just the same. Really looking forward for your help, it's annoying when I get complaints from my friends that they can also hear my in game sounds (especially games like CS:GO)
    And yea I know I can use push to talk but I keep forgetting I have to press it cause its not my habit    
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    Meczox_ reacted to pythonmegapixel in Im confuse for the dell XPS 13 series in my country   
    They will all perform roughly the same because they are pretty much the same spec.
    The first decision you need to make, is do you need a touch screen or not?
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    Meczox_ reacted to Radium_Angel in Zenbook 14 cant decide   
    Your English is just fine, and yes, I'd pick up the 16gig Intel one.
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    Meczox_ reacted to J4ynik in When are the LTT mousepads coming   
    You said "you should be able to buy them for back to school" in june. I desperately need a new mousepad but have been putting it off cause I don't want to buy two and I want to drop one massive order with all the other stuff I want to get from lttstore.com cause the shipping is so expensive to Germany.
    Anything a little more precise? Even a year would be good at this point lol
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    Meczox_ reacted to flashiling in How to turn ANC off but still use? Sony wh-1000xm3   
    does this help?
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    Meczox_ got a reaction from JabroniBaloney in Wireless headset around 100$ On blackfriday   
    So i want to get some wireless headset if possible ANC ones for black friday can you auggest me some that will probably if it gets a discount go to around 100$ more or less