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    Z370 MSI GAMING M5
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    16gb 3200Mhz g.skill tridentz
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    Gtx 1070ti
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    Cooler master
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    G.skill km780
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    Logotech g203
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    Hyper x stinger
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  1. So I just notice my headset microphone as causing static noise. I decided to do some process of elimination and ended up being the audio port on my motherboard a msi z370 gaming m5 and I'm using the front panel for now but is there any other way for me to do because the front panel is quite far and is causing a lot of inconvenience I was wondering is there any thing I can do besides sending it to someone to fix it
  2. So im trying to ask some questions on lube but it keeps getting deleted
  3. But the outemus have a weird pin i believe thats why i want to make sure
  4. So you didn’t read it wrong as of now i own redragon K530 its a outemus switch so i can only swap with other outemus switch so im olanning to buy and do some modding and want to know in the future if i buy a gateron switch keyboard like the krychron K6 for example can i use the outemus switch and just out it in without doing and trimming and stuff?
  5. I know its enough but i need to know how long it last cus i rarely change keybord so i need to keep it until i change which is probably when this one breaks so in a few years
  6. So I’m planning to lube my keyboard with krytox 205g0 but sineceni can only buy in 10g of it and i only need to lube like 61 switch i will have left overs how long can i keep it for can it be 4years +?
  7. Mines probably the 1 definitely not the 0 size though thx for your help alot sorry its abit hard cus english is my second language and size of stuff like this isn’t my strong point
  8. It might be the screwdriver cus it a really old one could that be a problem ?
  9. So i want to add foam in my Redragon K530 but when i tried to unscrew with my phillips head it didn’t work is the screwdriver not the right size its the one i use for building my pc sorry if I’m asking really dump question and if it’s different can i see whats the screwdriver for it called
  10. too help dampend the sound abit
  11. So i want to put some foam in my keybaord but i got some foam but when i tried to take it out it got teared a part and have holes in them will it still work if i place in the keyboard or do i need to get something else?
  12. Sorry i dont know its a thing
  13. I have had this card for about 2 years in my gaming pc and its undervolted at about -125mv stable and on nearly full load with assassins creed origin max graphic the temps are about high 50C to mid 60C would it be better to just blow the dust out or should i reapply the thermal paste