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  1. Thank you all for your replies! It really did help me understand more However, if it's not too much of a bother I'm still confused about a couple of things. 1. If 4.2 GHz is the max for a single core, how is it that my CPU has never gone anywhere near that? The highest I've ever seen is a value of 3925 MHz during a single core performance test via Cinebench (before I overclocked). It was only one core and the others would trade off, but in my 1.5 years of owning my PC, I've never seen my CPU pass 4 GHz until recently with my OC. Does that have to do with the silic
  2. Hello everyone! I built my PC about a year ago and only recently got into learning about overclocking. I was having trouble understanding what's going on as I think that my CPU is not performing as it should. I followed Graphically Challenged's video (AMD R5 3600 Overclocking Guide MSI B450-A PRO MAX). I have a B450 Tomahawk MAX motherboard, a Corsair RMx 850 watt psu, 32 GB of ram, a cooler master Evo 212 tower cooler, and a 1660ti. I've attached a screenshot of an excel sheet that had some of the numbers I recorded. I hope it helps visualize it better than just typing everything ou
  3. Thank you! I'll give it a try, hope you have a great day!
  4. Hello everyone! I was trying to change my background as I usually do and instead ended up changing the lock screen on accident. I don't have a windows license so I can't "personalize" my settings and I enjoyed having my lock screen change to some unknown landmark with the internet explorer link after logging in. Is there a way I can restore defaults without buying the license? I really liked this feature and would hate to have to pay $140 for a simple feature. I'm also in the middle of upgrading and testing a bunch of my parts and don't want to buy the license right now. Thank you
  5. Is it possible to have to have different kits of RAM of different brands with different speeds and CAS latency to work together? I have a kit (2x8gb) of corsair vengeance 3000mHz C15 ram and wanted to get some faster ram. I was looking at the G.Skill Trident Z (2x8gb) 3600mHz C16. My build is mainly for gaming, but I also use for it school and occasionally run some engineering programs. I've heard that when you have the same brand of RAM, but different speed the system will resort to the slowest speed of RAM.Would I be able to pair both of these kits when I'm doing extensive work a
  6. Hi thanks for the advice! I just finished using Cinebench 20 and I got max core speeds between 4026 and 4099 MHz. Max values were: temp=68C voltage=1.475V power=83.76 watts CPU 0 through 11 were at 100% utilization. EVGA 1660ti clock max values: graphics=1980 MHz memory=6001 MHz Video=1830 MHz Thank you FloRolf and MzHellcat for the advice! Is it true that AMD Ryzen chips just don't reached their advertised boost clocks?
  7. Hello! I'm using a Cooler Master 212 Black edition. After about 1-2 hours of gaming, the highest temp I reached for my cpu was 66-67C, while my Gpu reached around 68-69C. I usually don't play longer periods of time. I didn't check any other temps, but that day it was about 35C (95F) outside. On other occasions, my cpu will be around 60-65C and gpu will be at 66-67C. For cpu voltages, I've seen a min of 0.925V and a max of 1.475V
  8. Hello everyone! Does anyone know why my Ryzen 5 3600 won't reach it's boost clock of 4.2 GHz? I've recently started to look at Hardware Monitor to check my system and I noticed that even after playing games like Project Cars 2 and Modern Warfare that my cpu never reaches its advertised boost clock. However, my graphics card will reach close to 100% utilization. I tried enabling Game Boost, but that caused a world of problems. I couldn't even boot into windows and after a couple of tries, after my PC kept rebooting itself I was able to go into the bios and turn it off. (Whew!