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  1. Thank you man for your help. Now, im not arguing, just trying to learn. How could you know that the more expensive GB PSU would it be ok if it's not tested? Or it's just assumed because it's a more high end one of the same line up of PSU? Also, now i have available this one for the same price: Seasonic FM 750W Would that be a better choise? And finally, i'm helping a friend build his first PC. I'ts basically the same as mine (r5 3600, etc) but with a 1660 super GPU. Dou you reckon that something like this would be ok? DeepCool DA500W Thank you again b
  2. Ok, thanks for the quick response. So what do i have to look for in a decent PSU ? I know that should look in the list for something in the B category or above, but the problem is that where i live in (Argentina) we have very few options, and often there are unkown brands, or even well kown ones, but they have like a hundred little variants and maybe one letter in the name makes the difference. This three were the only ones i could find that are present in the list: https://www.hardrosario.com/productos/fuente-gigabyte-650w-gp-p650b-80-certificada/?variant=65673082&utm_
  3. Hello I realize it's annoying to be answering every single question about if this or that PSU it's ok, so I'm sorry for this, but i saw mine in the Potentially Dangerous category and i kinda Panik! My system is: CPU: R5 3600, GPU: 5700xt, 2x8GB ddr4 3000mhz (3300mhz currently), 1 ssd nvme, 1 ssd sata, 1 hdd 7200rpm and 2 120mm fans, nothing over the top, so i thought my old EVGA 600B would be ok. So, would it be ok? I also have an UPS, so maybe that helps Thank you and sorry for my rusty english