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  1. mega bit and megabyte are two totally different things 8 bits make a byte..... 16x8=128 32x8=256
  2. Seems a bit more clarification and discussion is happening now.
  3. the buisness side of things is where its at AMD knows they have an ace up thier sleeve with zen3 and its going to be the generation that AMD clearly and fully dominated intel from the top to the bottom of the product stack in every single workload. so they know theyre going to be able to get away with it
  4. Tech jesus has weighed in and said much the same....
  5. the salt is coming in fast on Reddit https://old.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/gfub3b/robert_hallock_amd_it_seems_hostile_and_abusive/
  6. everyone knows that, companies are out to make money, thing is there isnt any real technical reason to not support 4xx boards with the new Zen3 chips though, and to top it off alot of people were practically forced into the older boards because AMD didnt release a b550 on Zen2 launch
  7. This about sums up why im pissed off about it too, lets be honest everyone assumed that at least the 4xx boards would be good until AMD switched over to DDR5 or a new socket.
  8. this is why everyone is up in arms, from what was said to hardware unboxed it seems that AMD will be locking 3xx/4xx chipsets out of being supported in the AGESA bios code they release to motherboard manufacturers like they did when they blocked PCIe 4 on compatible 4xx motherboards
  9. theyre not cutting support if they still provide a bios for those cpus that can be installed on the motherboard, theres ways of doing it, or simply leaving it to the board manufacturers to make up thier minds if they want to support Zen3, but this sucks ass that AMD seem to be just straight up cutting support for this when it is likely very possible to do for alot of motherboard manufacturers on alot of thier motherboards, theres alot of X570 motherboards what must support Zen1 chips also that have 16mb bios memory which makes this all a bit of a shitty argument for why.
  10. then cut support for the Zen1 cpus? reduce graphical elements in bioses? create a firk in bios updates? there are alot of options available to pull this off other than AMD sinply drawing an arbitrary line in the sand when the motherboards and all of rhetoric and selling points for the platform pointed in the opposite direction.