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  1. I think I did this, I will double check. The memory is running at the proper speed now, but I'll verify. Thanks.
  2. 32gb of Trident Z Neo CL16 - should be at 3600mhz but I'm seeing 2133. DOCP in BIOS is enabled. ASUS ROG Strix B550-F, everything is updated (BIOS, chipset...all the things). What am I missing in setup?
  3. Can't say I experienced that but I don't often play competitive titles.
  4. I've had a Logitech G602 for a good several years with zero issues. It's comfortable, good on battery and has respectable features.
  5. Maybe it's #toosoon - the measurement isn't 1080p anymore. The new standard is 1440p, that should be the new measurement if Intel/AMD are going to display one-upping each other. I'm surprised Intel touted this, honestly. It doesn't seem to be enough to convert a Zen2 and certainly not enough to convert a Zen3 owner. We can reasonably assume this chip will be hotter, for a minimal 1080p game in a very limited set of titles. For the enthusiasts we claim we are, this new chip isn't delivering enough, imo. Until Intel sorts out 7nm, meh. Also I ju
  6. This is not meant to be a team red vs team green. I'm looking for objective data. For users that are into streaming (twitch) and light video editing, I'm under the impression that nvidia will be the vendor to offer an overall better experience versus radeon. Is this true?
  7. Good build. Try to get CL16 if it falls in your budget. You can save a few bucks by not getting Samsung nvme and similar performance from other brands.
  8. I would prioritize the CPU, GTA/FiveM is CPU intensive due to the AI.
  9. @Bad-salsa The new EVGA 3060Ti XC3 is more of a portable GPU, you can fit it in many small form factor cases including the Intel NUC case. Keep in mind with PCIe 4.0, the hardware isn't taking full advantage of 3.0 speeds. For most SFF cases, keep in mind use of riser cables which normally only support 3.0 as well. Personally, I wouldn't prioritize PCIe 4.0. If you do decide to go with Intel, keep in mind the upgrade path. Intel is due for a chipset change once they stop doing this 14nm++++++++ architecture. This means you'll have to replace mobo and RAM (like
  10. Do you have a link for this? I'm seeing listings for OSX but not windows. Paid?
  11. Got some Seagate Barracuda's from Amazon today - is there a utility that can perform a rigorous test to ensure the drives are in good condition?
  12. It’s not worth it, this isn’t the place. This community is to help others, discuss amazing hardware, and have a venue to share similar passions. We can debate healthily about AMD and Intel for the most part, even changing beliefs of fan boys because there are objective facts in the PC world. It’s fun. Religion is a different breed, you are talking about deeply rooted beliefs where people may have been raised in it and see nothing else. You won’t easily sway someone from that, it’s more talking at each other. It’s also none of my (our) business. It’s a personal
  13. You should increase your budget or change form factor to ATX. For ITX I would go with this, but I’m nervous about cooling in the hot India summers. I’ve been to New Delhi and Pune in the summer so I understand the heat. Intel runs hot, and we don’t know release date or price yet. I think you will get same or better performance from an AMD CPU and maybe we can save some money going to ATX. Either way, I’m not sure we can get to $1500 considering you will need good cooling. PCPartPicker Part List CPU: Intel Core i7-10700K 3.8 GHz 8-Core Processor ($369.99 @ B
  14. I will look into this for you - give me some time. My concern is you won’t be able to do mITX for your budget, the mITX motherboards and SFX power supplies account for nearly 50% of your budget.
  15. Good call. I’ll hold off on selecting a PSU until I secure the 3080. I’m not sure which one will end up being available first!