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  1. Hello, So I've got and B450 Aorus Elite V2 Mobo and SilentiumPC SG1V EVO TG ARGB case, i wanted to plug in the RGB which I was kinda excited about and i was wondering how to plug it in... My Mobo has only header like VD_G and my cable is VDG, without the missing pin, if i plug only the VD it is so weird and not really working... how to do so? Thank you
  2. Okay so I've came to this... I've bought an Club3D adapter from mDP to DP for 17$ and I will connect it to the monitor with cable which I got in the monitor's package
  3. okay tho i wonder where to buy a better cable in my local stores, i can't get any:/ it has to be mDP to DP
  4. thats possible but wouldnt it do even when not in games?
  5. Hello, so I've got an G-Sync Compatible Samsung C27RG50 240 Hz monitor with Asus ROG Strix GL503VM Gaming Laptop and I've ran into a problem: When I game at least a little demanding title (for ex. A Story About My Uncle, CS:GO, WoT) I play normally like I do and from nothing i got a black screen for like 1-2 seconds... However If i turn off the G-Sync the problem dissappears... I tried to higher the lower refresh rate in CRU from 48(?) to 50 but didn't make a change... I've tried things like disable PCIE turning off in power plan, disable fullscreen optimizations, install newest drivers... not
  6. what do you mean? what should i try?
  7. Definitely Heaven Benchmark and Blender (Classroom for ex.), also try to test the GPU personally if possible
  8. Hello, so I've got an Samsung C27RG50 240Hz monitor, g-sync compatible and I'm having an issue that when I play some at least little demanding game the monitor turns black for a second... It occured in games: CS:GO, WOT, A Story About My Uncle. League of Legends for example runs perfectly fine... I've checked the cable (which is new btw) and it is completely okay, tried new GPU drivers, monitor drivers... nothing helped... oh and I have an Asus ROG Strix GL503VM notebook, i7-7700HQ and GTX 1060... would you know what should i try next?
  9. yes I know, nobody answered me anymore. I was just wondering why it works and if it has any solution..
  10. Hello, so I have a Msi Radeon HD 6850 Cyclone 1GB GDDR5 and when i'm in bios the card works perfectly fine, but when i go to fresh install on windows and install drivers for that GPU i get a black screen, it has a signal cuz the monitor doesn't turn off it is on an it is more grey than black, I tried to go to safe mode which again works and it even shows me the correct driver, uninstall it with DDU and going again to windows, again the same, black screen. When i tried to Install Windows 7 32-bit because im currently testing this GPU on a shit board where I can install max of 2GB RAM I installe
  11. So what i have tried... got into the safe mode and uninstall drivers, restart the system and let windows install the drivers, after some time i got black screen then on, again the black screen and on, my resolution was good and the drivers installed i was like hey its working so i moved some files in the desktop and after 5 seconds of working GPU i got again a blank screen... again it has signal cuz it is like grey not really black
  12. and if I go into Device Manager I can see normally the GPU driver showing AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series
  13. Okay so I've gotten into a safe mode and I forgot to mention that I'm running the card on a shit board currently... It is an Mobo with max of 2GB RAM so even the safe mode is stuttery af