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    PC build, Photography, Audiophile,
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  • CPU
    I7 2600
  • RAM
    16 Gb
  • GPU
    PoV GTX670
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define R4
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    2x: 2Tb WD Green; 2Tb Segate; 128 Gb Samsung 840 pro; OCZ 64Gb (some old one)
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    Dell u2410
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    R.A.T 5
  • Operating System
    Windows 8
  1. Hi, As said in the topic I'm looking for a big (wide - needs to fit the noctua nh-d15) case with air filters. It must be under 40$ new. Build quality isn't very important, the looks are not a factor. Toolles harddrive bays would be nice, but they are not necesery. Same with noise dumpening. Size and filters are what matters.
  2. I need to change my powerplan and i've made my own one that has all the settings that i wanr, but every time when i restart the computer it goes back to enegry saving. I also tried to change the the settings in the powersaving plan to fit my needs but some of them (not all ) go back to default after a reset. Any solutions? Thanks (Sorry for the english - not native)
  3. okey, problem solved I. pluged in: 210Cb 15,79 fps II. Battery: -"Dell" mode- 66Cb 6fps - High Performance mode- 206Cb 14.72fps Thanks guys!
  4. spec: i5 3317U 8Gb RAM HD4000 256SSD it was unpluged, will test it pluged in again in a second i've got no such optiona as "High Performance mode"
  5. a Dell xps 12 - almost fresh, with nothing running in the background (1% processor use) gives me a score of 66Cb in the newest cinebench processor test, where the suggested score is ~210Cb. Anyone had this problem? Any suggestions?
  6. The reason why i think linus tech tips i s THE best channel on YT (because i do think so and i it really is!) is the knowlage and inteligence witch which this content is made, I also love your toor around Linus Media Grups! Thats the place i want to be employed in! thats the heaven!
  7. I love the durability and great build materials.