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  1. I put the ram sticks in a1 and b1 instead of a2 and b2 and it works fine but was wondering if it affects performance for infinity fabric the xmp profile is still enabled to 3600 with my 3900x
  2. I just got screwed 10mins ago it was for sell it's gone that's what I get for not going for it lmao
  3. I'm get the RM650 it 100 on Amazon rn
  4. Its A+ rated and it not gold highlighted it just black font so I was wondering if I should look for a gold colored psu
  5. I have a evga bq 600w bronze with a 2070 and r7 2700x I need a better psu is the corsair RM650 good I looked at the list but need to be sure lol
  6. I miss clicked the best answer I didn't even know what it did tbh IM NEW!! LOL
  7. Ok thx what should price should I sell the old one?
  8. I'm new I meant to thank lurick I made this today and I'm on mobile atm lol
  9. So I should upgrade the mobo? I'm keeping the 2700x for a while I thought I needed a better psu to overclock
  10. I already have the psu I just can't decide and find what to upgrade to.
  11. I own this just wondering if the psu needs upgrade or mobo or both
  12. What psu should I get and I have been upgrading over time cpu black friday and gpu resell lol that's why. My psu is like 3 years old