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  1. hello friends, i'm reaching out asking about monitors this time, i play FPS Games like Halo and racing sims, as well watch netflix and doing my taxes on my current set up running an Nvidia 2080TI (im planning on upgrading to the 3000 series later) on three "HP2311x" TN 75hz flats from 2010 , YUP it's time to upgrade and this time im thinking about going single ultra wide, and from the research im doin im thinking my high mark is gonna be $1500, 32-35," 4k is not necessary, HDR Yes, IPS would be preferable, definitely needs at least 100Hz, response time is negligible (im not good enough for it
  2. so i should just go for the Ultimate G-sync ones???
  3. hey guys i've got a question about some monitors ive been looking into, and trying to figure out which option i should go for, my current setup is three ancient TN 24 inch 60hz hooked up to my NVIDIA 2080 Ti through HDMI conversion cables.... ya i badly need an upgrade, so i think im goin with a 34 inch curved IPS. but i have choice between G-sync specifically working with my graphics card, or a free-sync monitor with G-sync compatibility, aside from the obvious lower price and working with other GPUs, would there be a downside to getting a free-sync, thanks for any help
  4. Just like shutting off and starting a car multiple times, lol thank you friends
  5. Hello friends I’m using a Corsair Vengeance pro rgb ram kit, as some others have posted the rgb stays lit and running its programed light show while in sleep mode, its understood that sleep mode powers Ram regardless of rgb and my rig is in a room which no one sleeps in so NBD if there’s a laser show goin on at night, my family find it entertaining, before I had the rgb kit I rarely let sleep mode kit in, usually I’d turn the pc off as I go to bed or leave the house, since it’s cool to watch my ram flicker it’s cool red/blue rainfall I’ve been thinkin about using sleep mode more often, I’m jus
  6. That would be a “cool” system, lmao, but I think I’ll stop after the two GPUs and CPU are looping
  7. That is a good point, I’ll check in the manual and with MSI if my board can run without the covers, at the very least, since the 3 NVMe slots are at the ends of the cooling heatpipe branches, I’m pretty sure they can be discarded if I replace those with heat sinked ssd
  8. Hey there I’ve decided to build an over the top, open budget gaming/media rig, using some of the latest parts, I’ll be running an Nvidia 2080tife card, a Ryzen9 on an MSI X570 board, using a full eatx tower. I won’t be overclocking for a while so my system will only be air cooled till I get a custom loop setup, my question is if I get the new Corsair gen 4 NVMe Ssd it comes with an air cooling heat sink glued on, my Godlike mommyboard has its own air cooling cover with thermal pads for regular NVMe ssd, which one would allow better cooling?