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  1. A couple days ago I ran a CAT6 cable I bought off of amazon from my home office to my bedroom and living room. I originally terminated each with the T568-B color code on each side. I connected one end to the Lan Port on my Ubiquiti AmplifI HD and i received no signal on either the router or on my computer. I also tried to attach it to my Netgear GS108 switch and I got the same result. I then tried one end terminated to T568-A and left the other as T568-B to make a crossover cable and attached the cable first to the router and then the switch but neither worked. I double checked the color codin
  2. There isnt a speaker on the board as far as i know and it didnt make any noises. Also the gpu fans didnt spin up as they usually do on startup
  3. I forgot to mention it was working at first until i updated the bios. It worked for a couple days with the new bios but then i got the q code error
  4. Im having some problems with my motherboard (Asus Rog Crosshair VII Hero) where the q code display is reading 8 (not 08) and it wont output to any of the pcie slots. I tested all the components on my old motherboard (Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H) and everything worked perfectly. I have a Ryzen 7 2700x and an rx 580 with 16gb of corsair vengenance lpx memory using the stock cooler and a 750w power supply from corsair. I tried reflashing the bios but the bios flashback light would turn solid in around 5 seconds meaning an error occured. I made sure the usb drive was formatted to FAT32 and that the bios