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  1. So I got very lucky and found 1 shop 30 min away from me that had a spare one. Big thanks for Steg Marin, Neuchatel (Switzerland) and their employees. Also to all of you for the suggestions
  2. I will call some shops near me... I can't find this for sale online anywhere...
  3. Besides the fact that it wont ship it to me, There is our worse enemy at the moment "This item is out of stock" on that ad...
  4. I probably do, if not, I can easily find one. but I am afraid of breaking the pins on the Motherboard if by accident I tighten it too much. Aparently it is a common mistake of people o try to do it without the amd tool - breaking the board
  5. Hi guys, I am missing the AMD Threadripper Torx screwdriver, what can I do now? So yesterday finally got my Threadripper 3960x. It was the last critical peace missing for my build so I was quite excited. Later that day I found out, that I got sent the wrong motherboard, but that is another story and should be resolved today or tomorrow. For the CPU, I got the Tray only option, it was available quicker and it was less 120€, so I grab it without thinking much about it. To my surprise, this thing comes in a very strange felling box, not very comfortable for a 1400€ process
  6. I went with the TUF and I might keep this air cooled for now. Thanks guys.
  7. No I haven't... I have "planned" the loop and the materials with a little room for error ( and alot of room for error in tube) and I have reviewed the plan at least 3 or 4 times. Even though I think you have a really valid point, *Experience is very important*, I think I am gonna stick to air cooled until I do the GPU update. I believe this will be scary because it can become really expensive really quick, but it will be fun over anything. Besides the fact that I will get to look everyday at something that I build and love :)
  8. Thanks for your suggestion... after thinking about it overnight, this is what I am gonna do. In a fase 1 I am gonna keep the system air cooled. Once the 3090's become available and I am ready to invest in one if I really need it. I will watercool the system. This sounds like the smart money choise
  9. Thank you for you reply. The goal is to get at least a 3090, but I can't speed 3k on a GPU right now. I am trying to get the best result between performance and silence, loads of fans running at low rpms and watercooled should do the trick for me. The 3060 is what I can find now that is acceptable in performance/price.
  10. Hi guys, I am trying to line up a build which I need to get done quickly. I want to eventually water cool my system with a custom loop. (Initially I will kept it on air, because I need it done and running quickly) I have two options for cards, do you know if there are any waterblock for these cards?? 1 - Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 Gaming OC - 12GB 2 - Asus TUF GeForce RTX 3060 Gaming OC - 12GB I know that there would be better options to spend my money if I had time. But these are the options I have and I have to play with them. Thank you in a