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    dfsgsfa got a reaction from Caroline in What do you actually do on your PC that makes it a hobby?   
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    dfsgsfa got a reaction from Kilrah in Will this TV have very bad response time in gaming   
    what does rtings.com say?
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    dfsgsfa got a reaction from johnpaulample in Is this PC case design plausible for air cooling?   
    im not into cad or any software for space clearance, 
    simply cut some cardboards to see they fit
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    dfsgsfa got a reaction from PiberiusWilde in once you have space in HDD, you will get tons of crap to fill up   
    "movie" is just a camourflage of.... anime and other bad boy stuff
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    dfsgsfa got a reaction from illerin in avoid SMR at all cost? must buy PMR?   
    at least i can confirm wd.....AZ is smr with 256mb cache, while RZ has 64mb cache but its crm
    the sales person took the wrong model to me, luckily i refunded the AZ smr
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    dfsgsfa reacted to mariushm in avoid SMR at all cost? must buy PMR?   
    No, the second picture says  AT THE DATE OF 6th OF JULY , those models in the picture were IN PRODUCTION.
    It doesn't say if a week before that document they still made 4 TB WD Blue drives with SMR, or if a week from that day, they started making WD Blue with SMR again. 
    There was a 4 TB WD Blue with SMR made before, and since there's no guarantee you will order a drive and get a drive manufacturer AFTER the 6th of July 2020, you can flip a coin and have about the same chance of guessing the correct answer.
    The only guaranteed CRM drives from WD are the 8 TB and above, the WD Black and Purple, and the 1 TB drives (makes no sense for SMR on such drives because they can probably store around 700 GB per side of platter).
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    dfsgsfa reacted to The_russian in power consumption of sleeping pc?   
    It depends on what hardware you have, there is no one definitive answer.
    Edit: I was going to use my Kill-a-Watt to let you know how much my system draws when it is put to sleep, but windows decided to be windows and is updating, so... I'll let you know whenever it decides to actually fully start. 
    Edit 2: @dfsgsfaComputer finally finished updating, at idle my system with a 9600k and a GTX 1080 draws between 39 and 40 watts, after putting it to sleep Kill-a-Watt shows a power draw of between 0.7 and 0.9 watts. 
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    dfsgsfa reacted to fordy_rounds in gpu at "PCIe x 16 2.0 @ 16 x 2.0"   
    Exactly. I looked up both the chipset and CPU, and both of them only support 2.0. Thus, OP, your card is showing up as PCIe 2.0 because it's connected via 2.0, even though the card itself is still 3.0-capable.
    Much like USB, or SATA, or other backwards-compatible standards, the lowest specification wins.
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    dfsgsfa got a reaction from Sycoblackburn in whats going to be the cheapest verison of the 3090?   
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    dfsgsfa got a reaction from jaslion in Best dual speakers on any phone? Please help!   
    lg v50 or above? they put quite some effort in tuning and the sound from screen vibration, (boom box) also they all have hifi dac
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    dfsgsfa got a reaction from juan_tgn in New phone   
    stick with iphone
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    dfsgsfa got a reaction from Mgzy in $1000 PC advices needed   
    you should wait for ryzen 5000 review
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    dfsgsfa got a reaction from Juular in [psucultists] PSU Tier List   
    please update this
    cm MWE gold v2
    same as GX gold
    only found a review in CANTONESE
    any more reviews?
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    dfsgsfa got a reaction from Random_Person1234 in $1000 PC advices needed   
    you should wait for ryzen 5000 review
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    dfsgsfa reacted to jaslion in Quality of Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 240   
    Oh no they just use cheaper components that just have lower performance. Aio's are not magically better than a aircooler. This one has a very thin rad that has about the same surface area as a hyper 212 so it's pretty logical that the performance is similar. The thing this one has as a disadvantage is the weaker pump and pretty mediocre fans.
    Push pull is going to do basically nothing over just adding better fans. But then again you are spending more money on a mediocre cooler then instead of just getting a good one in the first place.
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    dfsgsfa got a reaction from Dr0y in Best RX 570 brand/model   
    the sapphire one
    offers very cool and quite perf.
    also best amd gpu maker
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    dfsgsfa got a reaction from Radium_Angel in The Customer Isn't Always Right - Pyramid PC Pt. 1   
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    dfsgsfa got a reaction from Fatih19 in How do I convince my parents to let me buy a gaming pc, I have the money they just wont let me   
    if you have $$ but you dont have control, its not yours
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    dfsgsfa got a reaction from Fasauceome in How do I convince my parents to let me buy a gaming pc, I have the money they just wont let me   
    if you have $$ but you dont have control, its not yours
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    dfsgsfa reacted to VoidX in whats your pc audio setup?   
    I've come a long way since I made an audio lab out of my room and created my own version of Atmos. It started out really, I mean really ghetto, but it was worth it at the end:
    2013 - Genius SW-G 2.1 1250 ($30)
    2014 - Same amp with used Sony SS-A307 speakers (total cost raised to $50)
    2015 - 2 additional SW-G amps with a used Dimarson setup for surrounds and overheads - this is where the development for my upmixer started (t.c. at $100)
    2016 - Fronts were replaced with Klipsch R-15Ms, still no center, just a 4.0.2 ($250)
    2017 - Another SW-G amp, a Klipsch R-25C, another pair of R-15Ms as front height, and an R-10SWi subwoofer, all on sale ($700)
    2018 - Got a gift of a JBL 8340A pair, so a 5.1.2 was possible throwing out the Dimarsons. 2 of them stayed bolted to the ceiling for later use. I sold the R-10SWi, and got an RW-12d for the same price. (no change in cost)
    2019 - I accidentally found a directory listing on Yorkville's service website on Google, which contained schematics for actual IMAX speakers. So I built a new subwoofer based on that, which is basically unrivaled at any price point. I asked them if this was intentional or not, and they took it down, so don't ask for a link. (cost bumped to $1700, value raised to the sky)
    2020 - The annoyingly bad R-25C was replaced to another used 8340A, and I got a Crown XLS-202 for the fronts ($2000)
    After only spending $2000, I've got a total system value of about $10000, and with a custom built calibrator, it managed to drastically surpass $500k home theaters.
    The system as of now:
    JBL 8340A screens and Klipsch R-15M surrounds as a 5.1.2 base and 2 Dimarsons used as sound guides for a virtual 5.1.4
    DIY subwoofers, one main and 3 small room correction boxes, all of them custom calibrated for the room
    Crown XLS-202, BASH, and Genius amplifiers
    ASUS Xonar DX sound card
    Equalizer APO with Cavern QuickEQ measurements
    Some numbers of how well this turned out:
    - Perfectly flat 20-20000 Hz response at reference cinema levels (105 dB main peak, 115 dB LFE peak) with only +/-0.05 dB error in the RLP
    - No phase changes in software, all channels could be perfectly aligned with 1 sample precision
    - Nearly perfect 20-120 Hz response for the LFE at any seat, with only +/-1 dB error and chest slams at any position, even while standing
    - Just 57 ms of total LFE decay time
    - RT60 is always below 250 ms without any acoustic treatment
    - The entire system is only capable of 740 Watts, but only two scenes were able to clip it at reference levels, both of them hit the room correction subs
    - Over 200 hours spent calibrating every single small issue
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    dfsgsfa reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in Do you frequently change your mobile ringtones?   
    I'm still using the default ringtone because iPhone and how tedious it is to make a custom one. 
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    dfsgsfa reacted to TomvanWijnen in if you have $150 to spend   
    I'd spend it on at least one hard drive. I've been needing extra storage (4 TB or so) for years, but because it's so expensive I've just been putting it off and backing up stuff very inconveniently (part of my backup is literally on a drive that's in an in use computer.... and both of my HDDs on my desktop are more than 90% filled...).
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    dfsgsfa got a reaction from NzStumpyTech in GPU Upgrade..?   
    the point is are you willing to spend $700 for a gpu regarless of perf?
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    dfsgsfa reacted to Imglidinhere in Is 8GB vram futureproof?   
    Techdeals also doesn't actually use repeatable benchmarks, which is bad for testing. His numbers are often waaay off from the mark in comparison to any other techtuber.
    Ultra Details is not just for screenshots. Every game mentioned in my list has a staggering difference between High and Ultra settings for Texture Quality. If you think I'm lying, look at Mechwarrior 5 High and then Maximum and tell me there's not a crazy difference visually.
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    dfsgsfa reacted to sora.sky in if you have $150 to spend   
    Assuming I have to spend 150 USD right now and cannot spend any more I would purchase a nice desktop microphone, which would be a good upgrade from my current setup with a lapel mic.