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  1. I'm pretty sure that would be way above $50 so not really an option.
  2. A bit of background - a while back I got a Kingston DataTraveler 100G2 128GB drive which was the first time I have ever been highly disappointed with Kingston as a brand due to a very weird issue - writing to it pretty much every time at some point completely stops, then starts back again like nothing happened, then drops again and repeats...and even in some cases opening folders is taking several seconds for no real reason (as far as I can tell, the drive is fully operational, read/write testing also didn't show problems). Currently, the drive is getting a bit small to store my stuff, so
  3. Hope that's not the case for this one >_< Been sticking to Kingston budget drives for many years and never really seen any issues, guess eventually it has to happen but still. I guess I can add a side-question here - are there any recommendations for USB drives? I'm not looking for amazing speeds, read-speed and durability are my top priority. Or perhaps, would I be better off with a high-speed memory card and a USB 3.0 card reader?
  4. A few months ago I decided to buy a USB drive for storing some project data and minor portable work, so I saw the Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3, the 128GB variant at a pretty reasonable price so I grabbed one. When I started using it however, I noticed a very strange thing that I have never seen before - once I start copying files to it, it starts at a pretty high speed, then drops to 0 for a few seconds (up to a minute in rare cases), then it goes back to really fast and then back to 0 until the copying completes. I also noticed that sometimes, when just opening folders on the drive
  5. Windows Update shows a few drivers but none of them are for audio. I already checked the sample rate, switching between 16bit and 24bit doesn't seem to make a difference.
  6. After coming back from vacation, I was...pleasantly surprised that my desktop updated to build 2004. Among other weird things I noticed but managed to fix, I was left with one very severe problem for me - my speaker setup is completely broken somehow. The way my audio is setup is: a 5.1 speaker system through 3 3.5'' jacks going into an amplifier (which is also a subwoofer), which then goes out to the individual speakers. I've been using only the subwoofer, front stereo speakers and the center one, the rear ones I have unplugged. Previously, I had them all in-use with the spea
  7. Should I be worried about the devices' power consumption? I guess USB 3.0 can carry more power as well but just to be sure since I'm currently looking at a HAMA non-powered hub (https://uk.hama.com/00012325/hama-14-usb-31-hub-incl-usb-c-adapter-bus-powered-black), price seems nice on it.
  8. I'm looking for some information that I cant seem to get a concrete answer to: Recently, I received a Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop from work to replace the desktop PC they previously issued. I'm sure the laptop itself is fine, but I just can't use it with the same efficiency, so I immediately wanted to connect my USB peripherals to it...only to find that it has only 2 USB 3.X ports. So I was considering the use of a USB hub to connect the following devices to it: Logitech M100 or M170 USB 2.0 mouse ASUS OEM or generic USB 2.0 keyboard Logitech C920 USB 2.
  9. Yeah it was an OEM build so whole new set of headaches there...next one will be fully custom to avoid all this. I guess that about covers my thoughts/concern on this. Thanks a lot for the info! ^-^
  10. That's kind'a the thing, if I replace the PSU with a decent one to allow a better GPU, at that point I'll also be considering a CPU upgrade and we start to reach a spot where I'm replacing anything other than the motherboard, so might as well just go for a completely new build and make sure everything is up-to-spec. With a bunch of PSU calculators, if I disconnect the DVD drive (not that I actually use it), I should drop the power usage to around 313W (assuming I didn't use them wrong) which will leave some reasonable overhead in case anything decides to draw more at some point, avoiding the p
  11. To be honest, I'm not really sure, I THINK it does but I forgot to take proper pictures of it when I was last cleaning the PC (cant open it at the time due to it's location). PSU specs and connectors are one of the few things I've never really had experience with so never bothered to check for one until now. This is the power supply in particular, https://microdream.co.uk/acbel-hba005-za1gt-350w-atx-psu-power-supply.html I'm pretty sure there is a 4-pin one (currently in the GPU) and I do recall seeing one other connector I don't recognize which might be a 6-pin one, but again, not 100% sure
  12. I kind'a did one of the "suggested upgrade path" posts a few days ago (see below) but that section seemed to be over-flooded so I resorted in asking around multiple forums and boards. I'd prefer to stay around $200 though I honestly don't have a specific budget (it's not like I'll upgrade again for a while, next one will be a whole new PC so a bunch $s more is not a big deal as long as it stays within reason). What I have on offer at the moment at the local stores (already cross-checked multiple ones so without resorting to eBay or Amazon this is the lowest prices) is a "ASUS
  13. Got a bit of a weird one here: I play mostly games on a console (you will see why below) and currently my setup can handle 1080p30 recording/streaming only before I start dropping frames, but I'm looking at a GPU and RAM upgrade that would allow me to push to 1080p60. The games will be running on a console and be captured through an external capture card (AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus) so the PC will just need to process the video and not the games themselves. Currently running on a: Intel core i7-3770 with an AMD Radeon HD 7770 1GB Ghz edition and 8GB RAM
  14. Just wanted to bump the topic (hope that's not against the rules, if it is, my apologies).
  15. Budget (including currency): 250-350 BGN Country: Bulgaria Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: AVerMedia Recentral, OpenBroadcaster, general gaming (mostly JRPGs and the occasional heavy'er game like Disaster Report 4 or Resident Evil 2 Remake). Other details: see below I have what I would consider a general-use PC. Purchased it as an OEM build and did some minor modifications to it (indicated in the specs below) however I'm looking at a possible GPU upgrade. I game mostly on consoles these days (just out of convenience) while using my PC for older