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  1. Hi guys, I'm looking to get a CPU upgrade. I currently have an i7-4790 that is bottlenecking my GTX 1070 in some CPU intensive games. I needed a new and stronger CPU anyways since i do more on my PC than just playing video games. I also plan to get a 3070 in the coming year. So I'm currently deciding within 2 CPUs. Ryzen 7 3700X and Ryzen 5 5600X. The 5600X is out of stock everywhere and those that are selling it are selling it for $50USD more than what the 3700x costs. I'm pretty satisfied with the 3700X's gaming performance even though it's not on par with the 5600X. Also, The 3700X is still
  2. Hi, so I'm in a bit of a pickle. I need to sell my MSI GAMING X GTX 1070 before it's value drops like crazy in my local market. Currenlty it's selling for what i think is a good price. But the problem: I have an i7-4790 with 16gb 1600mhz DDR3 that bottlenecks even my 1070 and an oldie 620w Corsair HX620 PSU and I'm looking to get a 3070. What happened with the 20 series last year in my local market is that the cards appeared shortly after their launch with somewhat good prices and then they ran out of stock for around 10 months everywhere (the affordable 2060/2070 cards) and re-appeared with a
  3. My cpu stays perfectly normal in temps (stays in the 60C-70C range) However, my CPU utilization is around 90% while GPU utlizationhovers around 50%. The classic CPU bottleneck indication.
  4. PUBG, GTA V, Farcry 5, Assassin's Creed Origins, COD Warzone (The multiplayer runs well, warzone has become a stuttery mess. Used to run perfectly when it had just come out). Basically those games that require a lot of CPU simulation.
  5. Thanks for letting me know, I'll try this out. Siege runs perfect tho. I get 150+ FPS on maxed out at 1080p. If i turn it to low @1080p, i get close to, or equal to 200 FPS.
  6. Yes, I'm using Dual Channel at 1600mhz. Not all of my games but the ones that are CPU intensive. Games that benefit more from GPU run flawlessly.
  7. The "k" and the 4.8Ghz. That's the difference my guy. I've seen some benchmarks on youtube. They agree to the strange bottleneck between an i7-4790 and a GTX 1070. I've noticed this too. If I'm playing Farcry 5 on 1080p, i'll get 60-70 fps and dips to 40 on all ultra. If i change that to 4k, all bottleneck is eliminated and i get a very stable 56 FPS on all maxed out.
  8. Hi, i have an i7-4790 paired with a GTX 1070 with 16gb RAM. In every CPU intensive game, i get very very terrible bottleneck. I'm saying bottleneck because of the very low fps. In PUBG, i get 40-50-60 FPS on all max @1080p where it should be constant 100+. Decreasing the graphic settings does not increase my FPS. Not only PUBG, but Farcry, COD WARZONE and GTA etc. All games stutter like hell. YES, MY TEMPS ARE ABSOLUTELY FINE. It's the CPU/GPU utilization. I get high CPU usage and low GPU usage when playing CPU demanding games. I have tried every fix i could but nothing helped. Th
  9. So i should just leave it as is? Not worth opening, cleaning and re-applying?
  10. Is this amount ok or too much? It's an MSI Gaming X GTX1070. I have closed the GPU now and there is a noticeable decrease in temps. If it's too much, i can open it back up and clean it and re-apply.
  11. Hi all, I have noticed that if i disable my CPU's onboard integrated GPU, my in-game FPS takes a hit regardless of the fact that i have a dedicated GPU running all my games. Doesn't matter where i disable my iGPU from (device manager or the BIOS), it still causes this problem. YES MY DISPLAY CABLE IS PLUGGED INTO MY GPU AND NOT IN MY MOTHERBOARD. So after some performance monitoring, i found out that my dedicated GPU's utilization drops if i disable my iGPU. Such as when playing RDR2, i get around 95%-98% utlization and 60-70 FPS on average. After i disabled my iGPU, my utlization dropped to 6
  12. My friend who was helping me when i was re-applying the thermal paste also said that it can't be the thermal paste. I used CoolerMaster MasterGel (The one that was included in my CPU cooler's box).
  13. Hi, i have been noticing that my GPU is idling at 51°C @961mhz (Fans running at 61% and even on 100% fan speed temperature stays the same. Removing the side panel reduces 2°C-3°C) I think this is a bit higher than what it should be? Even in 99% load, it stays at 75°C-77°C. I changed the thermal paste on it almost a month ago and immedielty after, i noticed a 7°C drop in temperature. Instead of the dot method, I spread the thermal paste on the GPU. Can that effect the contact between the heatsink and the GPU dye? Now it's back to what it used to be. It's 35°C in day time where i live and 25°C a
  14. Hi guys, i'm thinking about pre-ordering Cyberpunk 2077. Now i'm not sure if it'll still cost 30$ after release that's why i should buy it now? Or should i wait for it to release and then wait till holdiay season and get it on a discount?
  15. Hi, I have a wierd question: I've been looking for a full table mouse pad and found this Phillips momentum for around $21 USD. Since it's a budget mousepad i don't expect it to be anything water resistant or very durable. Now i don't want to spend a lot on a mousepad and I mentioned water resistant and durable because I'm very clumsy and i drop/spill things a lot. I also have a bad habbit of eating on my computer table and sometimes i end up spilling my drinks on the mousepad and the table. Ofcourse i can just wash my current mousepad with water but i'm not certain about an RGB one. I have see
  16. Hi, i've noticed that my C:\ drive keeps filling itself up without any reason. I'm not installing any new software, not downloading anything in it and it's only for system files and softwares. A few days ago, i had 162GB free. A few days later, i only have 137GB free? I haven't installed any new software and still so much of my space is going somewhere? What i have tried to fix it: Running disk cleanup and cleaning unneccassary files. No Windows.old or Upgrade folder was there Deleting temporary files from %temp% directory Disabling and deleting system restore points
  17. I haven't had any problems not even a single one so far with this PSU but i think i should upgrade before waiting to find out. I was concerned about this and asked a few people for help (last year). Everyone said that this PSU is good enough and as long as you don't run into issues, you'll be fine. However, I have my eyes on some PSUs. Let me know if any of these are worth buying. Corsair TX650M 650W 80 Plus Gold Semi-Modular Power Supply (Expensive in my country) Cooler Master MWE GOLD 750Watts FULLY MODULAR Power Supply (around $35 cheaper than the corsair one in my country)
  18. Hi all, I wanted to ask about wether or not i should turn off spectre and meltdown protection on my PC. When i'm playing RDR2 and when i'm in cities/towns, i get bad stutter des[ite of my FPS being higher or very close to 60. I tried every fix and it was all in vain until someone suggested to turn this malware protection off. This worked and completely got rid of the stuttering and also gave me a few bonus FPS. I'm running an i7-4790 in my pc. So, the chances are i never even got a patch for it because despite my CPU being old, my bios isn't updated as well? The performance difference after di
  19. Hi, over the past few days i have noticed a slight delay between when i press the power button on my PC and when the PC actually powers on ( ±0.5 seconds according to my newbie stopwatch skills). This did not happen before at all. After looking up online, some people that have had similar problems but different scenarios were being recomended to change their PSUs. The delay is consistent upon every power up. My PSU is old tho. I bought it used last year and i have had absolutely no problems at all even when overclocking or on full load. My PSU: Corsair HX620 620w 80+ Silver
  20. So i have heard this from a few people that gigabyte makes the worst performing graphic cards and products. I have used a few gigabyte products before and i'm currently using their motherboard and SSD. I'm pretty dissapointed to be honest. A shopkeeper also once said to my friend that gigabyte is the worst GPU manufacturer compared to others. I've never used their Graphic cards so i'm not certain what my opinion should be. My friend had a Gigabyte GTX 1060 (bought new) and other than the card reaching high temps, his card worked just fine (+80oC while my MSI GTX 1070 stayed at 65-70 in the sam
  21. Hi, so i a few days ago i posted about my Corsair VOID USB headset getting hot in the left ear cup. The left ear cup pushed hot air on my ear aswell. I had bought these online. I thought this must be a defect with the headphones so i got a replacement. The other headset that i recieved has this same problem (it's not the same, i checked thoroughly). So i'm almost certain it's not the headphone's fault. It's very hot these days where i live (+40°C). It may be partially due to the weather i guess. However, the headphones do not heat up when i plug them into a laptop. I think it's my PC's USB por
  22. Hi all, i just got the Corsair Void RGB (USB wire) today. The left side that has the mic and the amp is getting warmer than the right side. Some say it's normal for the amp to get warm, some say it's not. It's not like hot, it's only noticable when you put your finger/palm on it. It gets slightly warm. The dealer is willing to replace these (i ordered these online). Should i go for it or should i keep them?
  23. In used cards, An RX 580, GTX 1070, GTX 1070Ti will be good options. If new, then RX 5600XT, RX 5700XT and other similarly priced cards will be good. Don't quote me on this but a few people on the internet say that the the new RX series are a bit crashy. They have unstable drivers. I have a friend who has an RX 580 and he has faced many driver related issues. I don't have any experience with Amd GPUs so i can't say for sure. I have a GTX 1070 and i'm satisfied with it. If you pair with a good cpu (Ryzen 3rd Gen or i7 6700k/ i5 9400f or above) you can decent performance. Around 60-75 FPS or mo
  24. Hi all, i just got the Corsair Void RGB (USB wire) today. The left side that has the mic and the amp is getting much warmer than the right side after some use. It gets a lot warmer after an hour or something. This is happening on my Desktop only. When i plugged into a laptop, the headphones mostly stayed normal and had a very slight (almost negligable) increase in temps. Is this the headphones fault or my PC's USB ports? i tried multiple ports and it still happens on all of them. I even tried the ports on my monitor (they are connected to my mobo by a wire). I have an intel 4th GEN gigabyte m
  25. Hi all, i just got the Corsair Void RGB (USB wire) today. The left side that has the mic and the amp is getting warmer than the right side. Some say it's normal for the amp to get warm, some say it's not. Can the weather play any role? it was +40°C here today. Any help will be appereciated