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  1. I reset my windows from the advanced options after the switch. So it cleaned the previous OS version. I changed my drive to gpt after the reset. I'm still gonna do a complete fresh re-install of windows on my boot drive and convert it to GPT from the insatllation menu.
  2. Hi, I just upgraded my CPU, Motherboard and RAM. Now whenever i press the power button, everything works normally but it takes a few seconds (3-5 seconds) to display anything on the screen (the motherboard logo). After that the windows starts normally and within a few seconds. This only happens on COLD BOOTS. My motherboard is brand new so i don't think it's the CMOS battery. Also, all the fans start spinning and light up as soon as i press the power button but it takes a while to show anything on the screen. Also, I converted my boot ssd from MBR to GPT from windows powershell for the UEFI co
  3. I haven't checked the event viewer but can i still need a new battery for my board? It's brand new.
  4. Hi all, I just upgraded my CPU, RAM and Motherboard and on the same power supply, my older CPU/board (specs mentioned below), never caused any problems but this goes into what seems similar to a boot loop? I press the power button, the case fans light up, CPU cooler fan lights up and spins for a while and then goes completely IDLE (while being lit up) and then the entire PC shuts down. Then it boots itself back up and shuts down again. It takes a few attempts to work but when it does boot up, It always resets the BIOS. I then have to go back to the BIOS to re-apply the XMP for my RAM. I've not
  5. I would've happily paid the difference for the full ATX board but the thing is that the board is so ugly, it's making me want to re-consider. I originally wanted the Aorus B550 v2 elite (Full ATX) but it's out of stock and i can't find one anywhere.
  6. Any performance diff between these two? The right one is ugly but a full ATX. The on the left will save me eq. to 31$ US. Which one should i get? not really looking for OC and planning to run a Ryzen 5 5600x on these boards.
  7. Hi guys, I'm looking to get a CPU upgrade. I currently have an i7-4790 that is bottlenecking my GTX 1070 in some CPU intensive games. I needed a new and stronger CPU anyways since i do more on my PC than just playing video games. I also plan to get a 3070 in the coming year. So I'm currently deciding within 2 CPUs. Ryzen 7 3700X and Ryzen 5 5600X. The 5600X is out of stock everywhere and those that are selling it are selling it for $50USD more than what the 3700x costs. I'm pretty satisfied with the 3700X's gaming performance even though it's not on par with the 5600X. Also, The 3700X is still
  8. Hi, so I'm in a bit of a pickle. I need to sell my MSI GAMING X GTX 1070 before it's value drops like crazy in my local market. Currenlty it's selling for what i think is a good price. But the problem: I have an i7-4790 with 16gb 1600mhz DDR3 that bottlenecks even my 1070 and an oldie 620w Corsair HX620 PSU and I'm looking to get a 3070. What happened with the 20 series last year in my local market is that the cards appeared shortly after their launch with somewhat good prices and then they ran out of stock for around 10 months everywhere (the affordable 2060/2070 cards) and re-appeared with a
  9. My cpu stays perfectly normal in temps (stays in the 60C-70C range) However, my CPU utilization is around 90% while GPU utlizationhovers around 50%. The classic CPU bottleneck indication.
  10. PUBG, GTA V, Farcry 5, Assassin's Creed Origins, COD Warzone (The multiplayer runs well, warzone has become a stuttery mess. Used to run perfectly when it had just come out). Basically those games that require a lot of CPU simulation.
  11. Thanks for letting me know, I'll try this out. Siege runs perfect tho. I get 150+ FPS on maxed out at 1080p. If i turn it to low @1080p, i get close to, or equal to 200 FPS.
  12. Yes, I'm using Dual Channel at 1600mhz. Not all of my games but the ones that are CPU intensive. Games that benefit more from GPU run flawlessly.
  13. The "k" and the 4.8Ghz. That's the difference my guy. I've seen some benchmarks on youtube. They agree to the strange bottleneck between an i7-4790 and a GTX 1070. I've noticed this too. If I'm playing Farcry 5 on 1080p, i'll get 60-70 fps and dips to 40 on all ultra. If i change that to 4k, all bottleneck is eliminated and i get a very stable 56 FPS on all maxed out.
  14. Hi, i have an i7-4790 paired with a GTX 1070 with 16gb RAM. In every CPU intensive game, i get very very terrible bottleneck. I'm saying bottleneck because of the very low fps. In PUBG, i get 40-50-60 FPS on all max @1080p where it should be constant 100+. Decreasing the graphic settings does not increase my FPS. Not only PUBG, but Farcry, COD WARZONE and GTA etc. All games stutter like hell. YES, MY TEMPS ARE ABSOLUTELY FINE. It's the CPU/GPU utilization. I get high CPU usage and low GPU usage when playing CPU demanding games. I have tried every fix i could but nothing helped. Th
  15. So i should just leave it as is? Not worth opening, cleaning and re-applying?