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  1. Funny
    Atomicest got a reaction from Doqtori in Tea might've got into my psu   
    Hello so, to start this off, I got a Corsair RM650x PSU.
    well anyways, i spilled tea on the ground at first just beside the back of the PC,
    i was paranoid that the tea droplets bounced from the ground to the back of the psu. should i be paranoid or not ?
    NOTE: This was written using the pc meaning its working right now but should i do something about it ?
    Yes, The tea has sugar.
  2. Like
    Atomicest got a reaction from Ben17 in 120mm case and a 140mm fan PSU   
    So i just looked into my case's specifications and it seems it supports 120mm psu fan not a 140mm psu fan.
    Do i need to replace the case ????
    Case is abkoncore h250x ( not a known company but a nice case )
    Psu is corsair RM650x 2018