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  1. 2 minutes ago, mariushm said:

    If there's too many impurities (sugar, tea leaves etc) in the water and a significant amount of liquid went on the circuit board, the water can be conductive and corrode traces on the circuit boards inside the power supply. 


    If it's just a few drops that went through the vent holes and maybe dropped on some components, chances are they just evaporated on their own from the warm air inside the psu and the fan blowing air, so you'll be fine. 


    Also, power supplies often use circuit boards that have traces mostly on the bottom of the circuit board, and only have jumper links or components on top side, this is usually done to save costs. if that's the case with your power supply, there's a high chance any drop of liquid just fell on some plain fiber glass surface of the circuit board, or on some components (on sleeves or plastic so it doesn't matter)


    Should i leave it for a day ?

  2. 10 minutes ago, boggy77 said:

    First world british problems.


    let it dry for a day and it should be fine. unless you used like 10% sugar in your tea, in which case you might have to take it apart and check for sticky spots and also re-think your life choices.

    What do you mean by 10% sugar ?

  3. Hello so, to start this off, I got a Corsair RM650x PSU.

    well anyways, i spilled tea on the ground at first just beside the back of the PC,

    i was paranoid that the tea droplets bounced from the ground to the back of the psu. should i be paranoid or not ?


    NOTE: This was written using the pc meaning its working right now but should i do something about it ?


    Yes, The tea has sugar.

  4. 1 minute ago, Mateyyy said:

    Any decent PSU that's not a fire hazard will and should have those certifications.

    So yes, it does have all of those, and it's got very high quality components in general. I've been using one for almost a year now and I've 0 complaints.

    Just ordered it. Thank you all for the fast replies.

  5. RM650x 2018 version

    Does this powersupply have OCP, OVP, OPP, UVP, SCP ?

    and is it enough for my specs

    Rtx 2070 super

    4 fans excluding cooler

    Ryzen 5 3600X

    Asrock b450m pro4

    8x2 corsair vengenance ram

    512gb m2 x1

    1 tb harddisk x2


  6. 5 minutes ago, TofuHaroto said:

    When storing it 

    Put it in it's plastic container 

    If you want to put it on a table make sure it's not conductive

    When holding it hold it by the side avoiding the pins and the ihs 

    Yeah in the plastic container but should i put it on its pins or should i put it on its ryzen logo ?

  7. Hello,

    So I am not familiar with holding pc parts XD. I'm new so don't judge my actions XD.


    So. I bought a ryzen 5 3600x. It came today. And i opened it to make sure there isn't any bent pins and that it didn't get damaged during shipping. But when i finished lookin at it i didn't know how to put it down XD basically im scared that it will get damaged. It is still on its plastic thingy i only looked through the plastic didn't touch it. my question is. does it matter if i put it pins heading down or pins heading up ? It's still in its plastic thingy i didn't open it XD. ( By the way i am not trying to put it into a motherboard XD im tryna leave it there sitting for a few days till i get all of the parts )


    Does it matter how i store it aslong as its in its plastic thingy ?

  8. 23 hours ago, Juular said:

    Nah, it's not that fragile. It can be rather damaged by storing in improper conditions such as very high humidity or extreme temperatures.

    Hello, So the thermaltake toughpower gf1 went out of stock before i bought it. so im changing the powersupply again. is Seasonic FOCUS PX-650, 650W 80+ Platinum Full-Modular, Fan Control in Fanless, Silent, and Cooling Mode good ? 



    I managed to return the deepcool psu by the way.

  9. 3 hours ago, Juular said:

    It's very good, but if you're buying in US there should be smth cheaper, like Seasonic Focus GM/GX or Corsair RMx 550\650W, no need for more wattage.

    Sorry for asking too many questions. I hope this is the last. 

    Can a powersupply get damaged in shipping then fry my components up if i plug it in ?

  10. 4 hours ago, Juular said:

    It has OCP on minor rails, that's all you need for a budget PSU. It's good, yeah.

    What about this one



    Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 750W 80+ Gold SLI/Crossfire Ready Ultra Quiet 140mm Hydraulic Bearing Smart Zero Fan Full Modular Power Supply

  11. Hello,

    So, I bought a PSU from DeepCool.

    The model is DP-BZ-DA700N. It's specifications are:

    Model DA700
    Type ATX 12V V2.31
    Certifications 80PLUS Bronze
    Dimension 150×140×86mm (W x L x H)
    Output Capacity 700W
    Input Voltage 100~240V
    Input Current 10A
    Input Frequency Range 47~63Hz
    Fan Size 120mm Silent Fan
    PFC Active PFC (>0.99)
    Power Good Signal 100-500ms
    Hold Up Time >16ms
    Efficiency 85% Under Typical Load
    Protection OVP / UVP / SCP / OPP
    Operation Temperature 0~40°C
    Regulatory CE / FCC / CCC / CB / EAC

    MTBF 100,000 Hours







     My pc specs are:

    AMD Ryzen 5 3600x

    2070 super

    ASRock B450M PRO4 AM4

    Corsair Vengenance LPX 16GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM

    HP EX950 512gb m,2


    Is the PSU good for the specs above ?

    Will it explode on me like my last PSU XDDD