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  1. Hello so, to start this off, I got a Corsair RM650x PSU. well anyways, i spilled tea on the ground at first just beside the back of the PC, i was paranoid that the tea droplets bounced from the ground to the back of the psu. should i be paranoid or not ? NOTE: This was written using the pc meaning its working right now but should i do something about it ? Yes, The tea has sugar.
  2. Hello, So, I bought a ryzen cpu (am4) a while back. I was doing maintenance, i removed the cpu and noticed there was a few bent pins, anyways i tried installing it, and it worked. though im kinda paranoid that it may ruin my motherboard or other stuff, should i be concerned ? or not ?
  3. Hello, I bought a 2070 super graphics card. I knew it had coil whine but i dont care aslong as its a sound that my microphone won't pick up. Is coil whine something that affects performance ? And can my microphone pick the sound up.
  4. Hello, So i just looked into my case's specifications and it seems it supports 120mm psu fan not a 140mm psu fan. Do i need to replace the case ???? Case is abkoncore h250x ( not a known company but a nice case ) Psu is corsair RM650x 2018
  5. Just ordered it. Thank you all for the fast replies.
  6. Over voltage protection, under voltage protection, over current protection, short circuit protection and over power protection.
  7. Does it have circuit protection ?
  8. I'm talking about RM650x 2018 version The one that was released in 2018.
  9. RM650x 2018 version Does this powersupply have OCP, OVP, OPP, UVP, SCP ? and is it enough for my specs Rtx 2070 super 4 fans excluding cooler Ryzen 5 3600X Asrock b450m pro4 8x2 corsair vengenance ram 512gb m2 x1 1 tb harddisk x2
  10. Should i get the rtx 2060 super or the rx 5700 xt ? I've seen people complain about the driver updates in the rx 5700 xt and sometimes its not working. I also heard that it was fixed so im seeing what you guys say.
  11. Yeah in the plastic container but should i put it on its pins or should i put it on its ryzen logo ?
  12. Is there a cable that is too stitched ? It may be preventing the flow of power somehow.