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  1. so im trying to combine 2 different sets of memory. the only difference, on paper, was one set was cl16, and the other was cl17. so to be safe, i have set the xmp profile to the cl17 one. however, in hwinfo64 it says its cl18. anyone know if an x570 motherboard is able to adjust timing after bios to make it run stable?
  2. In that same sentence you could have answered the question : ) just sayin.
  3. the question seems to be running so deep in nvidia, that any post mentioning this question gets removed by default from the nvidia reddit thread. what are they hiding?
  4. You sure the fan is connected properly? Im not sure, but i recall there are 2 connections for fans. A 3 pin and a 4 pin. Maybe try them both out.
  5. I installed ryzen master. Worst mistake ever. I had to do a windows reset after 2 weeks of trying to figure out what was wrong. I uninstalled ryzen master but its 'smart overclock' was still in effect, corrupting my bios and causing issues. Since i dont know too much about computer and my games were installed on another drive anyways, i had to resort to windows reset. Now, everything is working properly again. Im now doing manually overclocking in bios and not a single issue.
  6. yea, but thats the thing, its not common knowledge. atleast, not common enough. until you ask yourself if its possible. and that vid is from 2012. man, have they come a long way. but damn. it really is that easy.
  7. im not sure, different motherboard manufacturers uphold different standards. however, on atleast 3 of them, it says that 2 beeps was a memory issue. so maybe you are lucky and only the memory is dead. change the RAM, and if it still gives 2 beeps, THEN the motherboard is probably dead. in all honestly, you bought used parts. used parts should work just out of the box, giving no error at all. they were used, thus they have already been used and should be fine. otherwise its original owner would have thrown them out. the other explenation could be that you bought it from a rotten pe
  8. so i just found out something interesting today. i was frustrated that gigabyte didnt think of pcie layout. my graphics card obscures a small pcie slot. so i thought i'd just google for fun. "can you put a small pcie on a big pcie slot?" appearently, the answer is yes. the pins of a x1 are in the same order as a x16 slot, so you can put it in a big slot. now, i find this weird. im...averagely knowledable about pc's. atleast i know how to google info over a person who asks how does it work. but this, seemingly simple and obvious thing, was never known to me. so there you have i
  9. are you sure you connected the power button cable in the right pin? i think that is the first thing that should be asked.
  10. 2 Beeps: Parity circuit failure. Explanation: The parity circuit is responsible for generating and checking the parity bit on the system memory when parity checking is used. This circuitry is not working properly. Diagnosis: This code usually means a problem with either the system memory or the motherboard.
  11. so, i was just dabbling something in overclocking. im not someone who does it normally. actually, my most recent attempt at overclocking using ryzen master made me do a windows reset because it corrupted my bios somehow. anyway, now that is all behind me, i did some ryzen 3600 overclocking. first i tried it at 4.3ghz like gamers nexus did, but i did it at 1.35v instead of their 1.4v. did a cinebench 2.0 run, and no crashing. then i did 4.4, and still no crashing. so around this time i also was looking at hwinfo and it showed me that the voltage draw was never higher t
  12. -edited text since google translate had a weird formatting
  13. I recently bought a new PC. it is a z570 aorus pro, with 3600 and g.skill 16gb memory. what i did for the first week was just set the memory profile in the BIOS which is 3600 16-19-19-39. completely fine the first week. Then I decided to see how far I can go. so i installed ryzen master, put it on the auto overclock, which could bring 2/6 cores to a nice boost clock of 4.292mhz. And then the problems started ... So first, the sound card was acting weird, and somehow I thought it was the cause of the problem. I have a creative soundblaster ae-5 for about 3 years now. the first probl