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  1. ok. thanks for the feedback. i will definitively look into aircooling
  2. Hello i am looking to buy a watercooler for a cheap build i am doing. found this old cooler master aio with 2 120mm fans on each side (don't know wich cooler or socket it fits). i have a 1366 motherboard will it work?
  3. i bought it for a computer that uses ddr2
  4. I just bought myself 8gb of ddr2 memory. the ad said nothing about it being fully buffered. I tried to install it in mye computer but the notch did not line up. What can i use ddr2 fully buffered for?
  5. Yeah i know. The rest of the parts are also really cheap so it was not worth it buying an expensive psu.
  6. Thank you very much. I will look into it when it arrives.
  7. I have just purchased an old 480w psu for a cheap build. After i had bought it, I looked through the pictures and saw that he included modular psu cables. The psu is not modular and it is a full kit of cables in a bag. how do i find out what brand these are for when i want to sell them. The psu is still being shipped to me. i bought the psu for 15£ plus shipping 15$. on ebay a full kit of modular cables goes for around 40$ wich means i will probably make money on the psu.