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  1. and also dont show this to bitwit kyle
  2. my 970 evo (although not plus) runs @ like 45c and i have a really bad case so there is def something wrong
  3. and m.2 heatsinks are like 10 bucks
  4. the gpus the issue. ether get a m.2 heatsink or move the ssd into another m.2 slot
  5. what do you mean. and also prob. get a new case that one looks like your pc might suffocate, there are some good cases for like 70 bucks
  6. the Helios 300 2019 version should be about 1150 prob lower good for everything u listed there
  7. thats not how it works. if the psu is 500w the max tdp is 500w or 499.98 to be exact
  8. thanks i did not know i was getting a laptop. my birthday was 9/3 and my dad got me it
  9. I just got the x1 carbon gen 8 for school and i want to edit some videos as well as thumbnail for people to earn a few dollars. was this purchase worth it? any drivers i should have? and what editing softer for vid and photo should i use
  10. and also make sure they were the same batch
  11. I just got the dt 990 pro 80 ohm in my mail and so far its been amazing. the difference between this and my cloud x is sooooooo big. are there any driver i should have? also I got the 80 ohm because I don't have a amp
  12. dvd diver? just get a usb one like i have. their pretty cheap