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  1. Whenever I check my list of available networks on my pc I am only able to see one type of network at a time. I have to manually go into device manager and change a setting to show the other one. On my previous computer it worked just fine, but now this is happening. Does anyone know how to make it so both 5ghz and 2ghz appear at the same time? I have updated the drivers and everything.
  2. Thanks. One more thing. Can I just change the XMP from 3200 to 3600 and be fine?
  3. I am going to buy a whole new set. I’m not mismatching RAM
  4. I recently just built a PC but one of the RAM sticks I bought was DOA. I am going to go to bestbuy when it opens in the morning but they only have 3200 speed RAM in stock and I previously bought a 3600 speed set. Is it feasible to OC a set of 3200 Ram to 3600 without much trouble?
  5. Update Restarted CMOS with 1 stick of RAM in A2 booted. Put second stick back in and got the error again
  6. There is no documentation of this code in my motherboard manual and I I’ve tried looking it up with little help. Everything seems to be plugged in correctly. RAM is installed dual channel. Fans all turn on and RBG lights up. specs: Ryzen 5 3600 2x8 GB 3600 RAM RTX 2060 ASRock B550 extreme4
  7. I bought an ASRock board. You guys must of preordered very early
  8. Has anyone other than reviewers received their b550 boards yet, let alone have them shipped? I preordered a B550 board and it said it was on stock at the time. The release date was pushed back to the 19th and it hasn’t even shipped yet. Newegg normally takes 1-2 business days from release day to ship items. It has now been 1-2 business days and it has yet to ship. I sort of feel lied to rn cause the page said it was in stock and ready for order. Anyone else have the same problem?
  9. I originally thought that too. A negative pressure case does not sound like it would work, but it surprisingly does. Minus the dust it’s alright (I personally clean my PC often to it’s fine with me). Yes it doesn’t have amazing thermal performance, but it’s average. It will get the job done on most builds. High end overclocked builds would be better off with one of those cases you mentioned, but for a midrange build it will fair well. Gamers Nexus did some testing on the H500 (which is the h510 with different front IO) and its gpu thermals we’re actually pretty good while the CPU thermals we
  10. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TC73F6Y/ref=dp_cerb_1?th=1 Black 3rd part sellers around $100 USD White normal priced
  11. @rapidkillerx check amazon I just sniped the last h510i black case. The white and red are available in non i, along with i versions. I believe a black non i is available but priced the same as a i. id act quick. Be wary though some wont come till july. The one i ordered will come in june so just keep that in mind
  12. Same exact board I got along with the date. It’s whatever. That’s life I guess. Human malware will do that.
  13. i did notice that the tomahawk was out of stock yesterday so i think its just that there wasnt enough in that shipment to make it to you.