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  1. Hi. I am 17 and want to invest some of my pocket money in cryptocurrency, but have zero idea of where to start. where to buy crypto and store it and everything a begineer needs to know? could anyone help me.
  2. I downloaded apex legends and completed the training part but when i clicked ready to start an actual game...it gets endlessly struck on matchmaking. Any helps!?
  3. All other specs are the same but with the rtx 2060 mobile
  4. I was gonna order a acer helios 300 today (i5 9300h, gtx 1660ti mobile, 16gb ram, 1tb hdd 7200 rpm, 256gb ssd, 15'6 144hz) for 1200$......but then i saw another model with all same specs but a rtx 2060 for 60$ more. I am willing to spend that money but should i go for it? Im confused!
  5. pricing for those go like 1500$ in here. way to expensive. 90000 rupee(1200$)is the maximum i can spend so budget is a great issue
  6. Will i5 9300h AND GTX 1660TI result in bottlenecking of the laptop?
  7. international shipping of laptops is costing me like 150-200$ which is like too much (maybe it has something to do with tax laws in india for importing stuff) and as for lenovo legion y540 has like i5 9th gen and 1650 and less storage 8gb ram for 1200$ but im a little hard on budget and helios seems a better deal...
  8. the problem with a15 is that asus doesnt seem to launch the laptop in india so like my options are limited
  9. I am in a bit of confusion of what laptop to buy and I am on a very tight budget. I like shortlisted a few and i could find two very value for money options but with some difference.... options i thought of were acer nitro 5 and acer predator helios 300 Common specs in both (gtx 1660ti mobile 6gb, 1tb hdd (helios 300 has 7200 rpm but nitro 5 has 5400 rpm), 256gb ssd, 15.6 144hz 1080p display) but acer nitro 5 has a i7 9750h 6c/12t and 8gb ram(can be upgraded) but predator has a i5 9300h 4c/8t and 16 gb ram. but for like all the comparisons between
  10. i wanna go for a15 so badly but asus isnt launching it in india and others dont ship it here maybe ill just have to wait
  11. https://www.amazon.com/ASUS-IPS-Type-GeForce-Battery-TUF506IV-AS76/dp/B0863DW238 its exact 1350 on amazon
  12. there is a15 with rtx 2060 as well... would that be out of budget?
  13. hi i wish to buy a gaming laptop by the end of june. i am very tight on budget and cannot get anymore than 1350$ \ can you suggest something.
  14. i was also rooting for the asus tuf gaming A15 but it isn't coming to India until late September and i dont have that much time to wait