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  1. The initial announcement was still quite the mess as very few people knew what it was before then let alone how to turn it on. While that ship has sailed the rest of the compatibility discussion / mess is still a big issue imo Yeah true lol I was running 11 in a KVM with GPU Passthrough before but a bug with Ubuntu 20.04's sound drivers has unfortunately pushed me back to the windows side for now until the 22.04 LTS or so
  2. I've used copilot for the past few weeks and I've found it to be a massive help when working with libraries I don't know much about. Managed to use it with wordpress extremely well and like others have said in the thread would give outlines or 100% correct snippets for what I asked about. Of course there were a few hitches and confusions with some of the prompts but it did a good job overall. That being said I wouldn't reccommend using this on a mass-scale just yet especially if there's copyright issues at vein still. It's fine the way it is right now.
  3. This is exactly the situation I'm in right now which is why I have such strong opinions over MS' deliberate kneecapping of perfectly capable machines. As a student about to enter university in the UK, how do they expect me, let alone many millions of people who would've been displaced because of the current economic situation be able to go "lol ok" and roll up to their local PC store to buy a "compatible" machine? My school that I just left is in no better position as well, still using HP Compaq's from the Core 2 era. Chances are there are many businesses and schools that'll suddenly have inco
  4. I went over the entire BIOS multiple times and no such option to enable an fTPM exists, even if it's supposedly meant to be in the CPU / chipset i'm rocking. Their twitter helpline just told me to buy a chip to put on the header instead (which is very optimistic given the current chip climate)
  5. Core i5 6600K on an Asus B150-M-CD3. Works completely fine on the insider builds and have had no stability issues at all lol My Surface Pro 4 is also touted as incompatible and that has TPM 2.0 and also runs insider builds completely fine.
  6. Those haven't changed as far as i'm aware. Any feedback they're getting about Windows 11 running fine on anything else is probably getting conveniently thrown out lol Some boards don't include this at all. Asus said to me I had to go buy a dedicated chip to stick on my board (which of course isn't in stock anywhere and being scalped like crazy because they weren't very mass produced anyway)
  7. It's such a strange thing to suddenly require when they fully well know the world is still in a pandemic along with the current global chip shortage.. They'll say you can still use Windows 10 sure, but as we've seen with Windows 10 updates in the past what's stopping them from just slowly nuking performance forcing people into upgrades the good ol' planned obsolecence way?
  8. Summary After a month and a half of silence from Microsoft regarding any clarification for the System Requirements of its future OS, Windows 11, a liverstream (now unlisted) appeared on the Microsoft Tech Community YouTube channel that was meant to answer questions about upgrade paths and deployment methods with Senior Program Manager Aria Carley. However the responses she made regarding Windows 11 and compatible hardware didn't rub off well with audiences (around the 6:20 minute mark) and it's reflected with the heavy like-dislike ratio. Comments called the video "tone-deaf" and oth
  9. Here's the cinebench result after running multiple Photoshop tabs, along with trying to debug a UWP application issue, along with various other programs. Gets placed 13th below the 6600K when it's not under any significant load. Even with all this stuff going on actively and in the background, I didn't experience any significant performance degradation that would've signalled Microsoft to drop support for 6th gen, let alone 7th gen (or even earlier than 6th) in the first place? Hopefully MS realizes quickly what they're doing is a massive mistake (removing the 6th gen line from the 7th gen cla
  10. Microsoft has it listed as a known issue. (scroll to bottom of post)
  11. Only issues i've had so far is with settings being a bit unstable overall, and with switching between options and opening menus but that's to be expected (there's quite a few known issues with Settings according to MS with this build). Apart from that it's been smooth-sailing for me. Currently installing stuff like office and grabbing a UWP app build to see how much I can stress this machine to see if MS can "justify" these choices.
  12. Decided to run a multi-core test on Cinebench with a skylake processor (running in a VM - 6600K) to see if the claims about the CPU list being an "experience" reason holds up. The scores I got are essentially what I would've gotten running Windows 10, and come close to various other Intel chips which are supported. Then again we may see Microsoft drop this stupid list entirely in the future hopefully, but one can only hope.
  13. Quite funny seeing them being ratioed to oblivion on these claims (and other threads they've made too). Here's another funny: The Surface Studio 2 (a £4,000 computer that microsoft STILL SELLS) won't be able to run Windows 11 because it's 7th gen. MS have nuked themselves in the foot and if you thought vista adoption was bad they're only gearing up to make Vista look like a resounding success with Windows 11 if they keep these absurd requirements that scream planned obsolescence.
  14. Not in stock anywhere in the UK it seems unless you want to pay almost double the price of one in shipping from the 1 place that has them left Massive annoyance to perfectly capable machines they seem to be throwing under the bus
  15. Just had a look and can’t seem to find it anywhere under the advanced section. PCH-FW isn’t on the list at all nor is it on any sub menus from what I can see