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    Ryzen 2700X
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    Asus Prime X470-Pro
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    32GB Corsair DDR4-2666
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    AMD Reference Radeon RX 6800
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    NZXT H500
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    Samsung 970 Pro 512GB
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    Thermaltake Smart Pro RGB 750
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    LG 34GK950F
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    Noctua NH-D15
  1. I installed the latest driver, 21.4.1, re-connected to displayport overnight and returned to not find the resolution changed or evidence that windows had resized at all. Requires more time to test but I'm hoping it's been resolved.
  2. This is unfortunately an issue where each company will end up just pointing the finger at the other, especially knowing it worked fine with an older driver stack. LG is just ignoring reports of the issue.
  3. Thanks for this VidKo, it's somewhat assuring I'm not the only one experiencing this but also annoying that AMD seems relatively silent on the issue. Will just have to keep submitted bug reports while it's in the problem state to try to force their hand.
  4. I've been experiencing a very weird issue and googling isn't turning up anything. I've reported the behavior to AMD multiple times but got no response. What will happen, is that sometimes when waking my monitor from sleep Windows will have changed from my monitor's native resolution and refresh rate to 1280*1024 60Hz. It will not change back unless I disconnect the monitor from the computer or reset the driver. Even times when I wake the monitor and it is still proper resolution, open windows have been moved around and resized. Other times I've walked by my computer while idle, the
  5. PSA: You may want to hold back on updating Pixel devices to 11, numerous reported issues. Myself and my spouse having noticeable performance issues, including his freaking out and entering a recovery mode after a hard crash. Issues with the Plex app, etc.
  6. Please do more content like this! I agree that something with either you or Anthony would be quite interesting, but there's a more pressing matter. Did you recover the CD??
  7. Have you eliminated the possibility it may be a physical issue? For instance something may have happened to the cable or switch-port. If you're able, try a different cable or such. Do you have other Ethernet devices that are unaffected?
  8. You may need to capture what you're seeing, otherwise stating "can't configure the switch" is very ambiguous.
  9. There is a potential benefit from a redundancy perspective, but no reason "not" to have 2. It just depends on how you wish to use them.
  10. As long as round-trip traffic is possible between the host and DNS, it can be anywhere. In that regard you don't need multiple DNS servers unless other restrictions prevent it. ie isn't in your network but it can be reached.
  11. Theoretically, some ISP's do support this and would likely require another modem. Yours may not, it doesn't hurt to inquire with them. Alternatively if there's another ISP in your area you can consider them for your secondary connection.